Chrysler Pacifica: Five-meter family: This car is an alternative to an SUV

Chrysler Pacifica

Five family meters: This car is an alternative to an SUV

Tuesday, 01/12/2016 | 12:40 pm

Chrysler remembered its old strengths and presented the Pacifica, a large and at the same time practical car, which was also available as a plug-in hybrid. But it also comes to Germany – like Fiat, for example?

20 years ago the world was still beautiful. Anyone who had an ordinary car was traveling in a modern car. If there is another then Chrysler Voyager, the driver was in the front row. Not to mention the benefits to the family. But at some point it ended in the glories of cruising and the Voyager became a Fiat Freemont smooth crossover. It’s still useful, but nowhere near as common as Voyager.

Here you can see Pacifica and other Detroit stars in the video

At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Chrysler is going back to its roots and presenting the Pacifica, a new car that not only has a spacious interior but is also practical. “The Pacifica is not a revolution, it’s a big step forward,” said Timothy Kuniskis, head of Chrysler’s North American passenger car division. Naming is courage after all, there was a Pacifica before, but it was taken off the market in 2007/2008 due to insufficient demand.

With a length of more than five meters, the family boat also offers enough space for adults in the third row. Getting into the last row is not a problem thanks to the seats that fold forward and sliding doors on both sides.

Seven or even eight passengers

Even when all the seats are folded, there is still enough space in the trunk for more than hand luggage for up to eight passengers. In addition, Pacifica has a large number of shelves in which you can store the remaining bad habits and the end. If all the seats are flat, the American car can even swallow a large object 2.43 meters long.

The Pacifica stands on an entirely new platform. This should have a positive effect on driving comfort and interior noise. If you like normal, you can use the 287 hp V6 engine with a maximum torque of 355 Newton meters and a nine-speed automatic transmission.

The Pacifica also runs (partially) on electricity)

As an alternative, there is a plug-in hybrid version in which an electric motor assists the V6 engine. The juice comes from a 16 kwh battery. The electric range should be around 48 km and in city driving Chrysler managers expect the electric version to have an average consumption of 2.94 liters per 100 km. If the batteries are connected to the 240-volt system, they should be fully charged again in two hours.

When it comes to technology, Americans have also improved. Rear-seat passengers enjoy a home entertainment system with ten-inch screens, and the driver enjoys a surround-view camera, cruise control and parking assist. It’s just a shame that this jet ski guy isn’t coming to Europe right now, but that could change. Fiat can use the crashed car again.

Video: Electronic stars from Detroit