Cooper Webb (Yamaha) wins ahead of Sexton and Roczen / US Supercross

Cooper Webb (Yamaha) wins ahead of Sexton and Roczen / US Supercross

Factory Yamaha rider Cooper Webb won round 13 of the US Supercross Championship at Foxborough to move within points of Australian Jett Lawrence (Honda) at the top of the standings. Ken Rockzen came in 3rd.

SU’s 13th run Supercross Racing at the Gillette Open Field of Foxborough (Massachusetts): In the morning the path was wet with rain. As the day progressed it remained dry and cool.

Aaron Plessinger he fell in the first period of free practice and injured his left wrist. Red Bull was driving KTM The factory driver later went back but had to back off immediately, which was the end of the day for the iconic cowboy.

Star Racing competition Yamaha The pilot Cooper Webb it was already fastest in qualifying Lap Time thus laying the foundation for his future success. He finished his race P2 behind the league leaders The jet Lawrence (Honda), which was previously on P3 behind Webb and Tomaki they had graduated. HEP Progress Suzuki The pilot Ken Rockzen qualified Q8 and ended his heat with a good performance P3 behind Eli Tomaki and Hunter Lawrence (Honda).

Cooper Webb pull that Holeshot until the final Rockzen and Anderson. League Leaders The jet Lawrence he stumbled in the first corner after making contact Malcolm Stewart and he fell again on the limb. Eli Tomaki he went down for a short time and had to stop running P10 cope with

Webb inspired by Rockzen can last 18 rounds P2 hold before Chase Sexton (KTM) was able to close the gap to the German. Of the last two His colleagues a fierce fight broke out P2. Sexton passed, but Ken continued to look for quick counter-attack lines. Finally he sat down KTM-He worked as a driver and took second place in front of Thuringian.

Cooper Webb he won by a difference of 1.09 seconds Sexton and Rockzen. The jet Lawrence After his incident at the start, he gradually fought his way back and was still in control at the end Jason Anderson (Kawasaki). P4 up, but it was not enough. Anderson finished fourth by a narrow margin,’The jetthe fifth child.

And Webbs victory and The jet Lawrence up P5 The table top status changed: Webbbehind by 8 points Massachusetts he had arrived, reduced the deficit to zero with his fourth victory of the season, so Jet Lawrence and Webb they lead the table with 261 points before race 14. Also Chase Sexton can enter Foxborough up P3 shortened its gap to the top of the table from 20 to 15 points. Rockzen remains in fifth place after 13 out of 17 championship races with 39 points at the top.

Before the next race next week Nashville it is 450er Supercross Racing so open again completely.

Results SX Foxborough 450:

1. Cooper Webb (USA), Yamaha
2. Chase Sexton (USA), KTM
3. Ken Rockzen (D), Suzuki
4. Jason Anderson (USA), Kawasaki
5. Jet Lawrence (OFF), Honda
6. Eli Tomaki (USA) Yamaha
7. Hunter Lawrence (OFF), Honda
8. Justin Cooper (USA), Yamaha
9. Justin Hill (USA), KTM
10. Malcolm Stewart (USA), Husqvarna
11. Justin sleep (USA), GASGAS

15. Adam Cianciarulo (USA), Kawasaki
DNS: Dylan Ferrandis (F), Honda
DNS: Dean Wilson (GB), Honda
DNS: Christian Craig (USA), Husqvarna

Championship position Event 13 version 17:

1. The jet Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 261 points
2. Cooper Webb (USA), Yamaha261, (-0)
3. Chase Sexton (USA), KTM246, (-15)
4. Eli Tomaki (USA) Yamaha231, (-30)
5. Ken Rockzen (D), Suzuki222, (-39)
6. Jason Anderson (USA), Kawasaki, 206, (-55)
7. Aaron Plessinger (USA), KTM198, (-63)
8. Justin Cooper (USA), Yamaha161, (-100)
9. Justin sleep (USA), GASGAS, 149, (-112)
10. Hunter Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 148, (-113)
11. Malcolm Stewart (USA), Husqvarna142, (-119)