Crash night in Berlin: Porsche crashed, VW upside down

Crash night in Berlin: Porsche crashed, VW upside down

police and fire brigade

Crash night in Berlin: Porsche crashed, VW upside down

A VW Golf overturned on Kudamm during the night.

Photo: Morris Pudwell

On Sunday night, the police and fire brigade in Berlin were called to several accidents with injuries. Death in Brandenburg.

Berlin. On Sunday night, the police and fire department in Berlin had to deal with several car accidents, some of them serious. There were injuries and extensive property damage. Among other things, a Porsche worth 170,000 euros was removed.

The young Porsche driver is said to have lost control of his 450 hp racing car when he turned off the Sterndamm at Stubenrauchstraße in Johannisthal. He went off the road to the right and hit the back of a parked VW Golf. The car parked in front of him was also damaged. The Porsche rolled over, no one was hurt. The Berlin fire brigade cleared the scene of the accident because the Porsche could not be restarted.

A spectacular accident occurred on the Kurfürstendamm in the direction of the Halensee suburbs. Here the VW Golf driver lost control of his car on a straight. He left the road and rolled. The Golf slid 50 meters over the roof before coming to a stop. The driver was seriously injured in the accident.

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In Kreuzberg, on the other hand, two vehicles from different driver service providers (Uber/Bolt) crashed together around 3.10 am. Both cars crashed into the walls of the house. One of the cars blocked the road sign below it. At least two people were injured in the accident.

A Citroen crashed into the back of a police car in Prenzlauer Berg. Both cars are badly damaged, the exact cause of the accident is still unknown.

In Adlershof there was a collision with a body damage around 10:30 pm The cause was probably a right-hand error on the Ernst-Ruska-Ufer / Köpenicker Straße. The ferry was closed for more than 45 minutes during rescue and relief work in the direction of Altglienicke. According to preliminary results, no one was seriously injured here. The two Mercedes were badly damaged in the front area.

Oderland district: car hits a tree – one person dies

Sad: There was a serious accident in the Oderland district on Sunday morning. On the L236 between Freudenberg and the B168, a car left the road and hit a tree. The road was completely closed. The police are also investigating the cause of the accident.

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