Crosscamp will release a revolutionary modified car: surprise video posted on Facebook!

Crosscamp will release a revolutionary modified car: surprise video posted on Facebook!

A secret on the Facebook page of the Crosscamp brand: the manufacturer, known for its compact cars, announces an upcoming surprise. ” Do you have an idea?“, concludes the accompanying short text. To be honest, the video is short, the meeting is quick. To end the mystery, we have analyzed every frame of this video for you and yes… we have an idea!

This will certainly be the main novelty of Crosscamp for this collection of 2024. The catalog of the brand until now included only small vans, surprising for their efficiency (some of them have a “light” configuration, which puts them between a minivan and a car). This time, it is actually a large van based on the Fiat Ducato that points the tip of its nose.

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A season like no other van before it

Photos from the video (captured in the gallery above) show a layout unlike any we’ve ever seen… It all starts with a side bench that can be converted into a bed (using a bed base). Beneath this bench are road-approved individual seats. The table is suspended from the wall, it can be placed here or there (in front of the side seat, of course, but also at the level of the two rotating cabin seats).

Retractable furniture

The video claims 14 possible configurations for this arrangement, depending on the position of tables, benches, car seats, etc. In contrast to the bench seat, the kitchen cabinet is made of two parts: the part provided for the sink and the water reservoir can be removed from the van. Then comes the refrigerator arranged in height, above the storage. And back? The wonders continue. We talk about it below, after the video.

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Video of the new Crosscamp car

Removable rain!

At the back is a space that can be occupied with a removable shower. Yes, we can clearly see in the picture the shower curtain, hanging from the ceiling. On the plans presented in this video, we see that this shower can be removed, and even replaced with a wardrobe. So this fixed car can be cleaned to a large extent: from its shower, from its bench seat (which folds against the wall), from its kitchen … Modularity that allows you to get the loading capacity worthy of a utility vehicle. Especially since the model presented in the video has a pop-up roof, allowing four people to travel, or two people with luggage on the ground floor.

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