Crown Princess Victoria visits Gunnebo Palace and Gothenburg

Crown Princess Victoria visits Gunnebo Palace and Gothenburg

On May 25 and 26, 2023, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden visited Gothenburg and its surroundings with her husband, Prince Daniel. The visits focused on the industrial development of the city. Crown Princess Victoria also took time to relax in the gardens of Gunnebo Castle.

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Victoria and Daniel from Sweden visit Gothenburg with the Volvo company

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city with around 600,000 inhabitants, to make several visits. The city is celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2023, two years late, due to a health crisis. On May 25, Governor Sten Tolgfors accompanied the royal couple on their first visit to the Volvo manufacturer. The visit focused on the company’s efforts to make its trucks more environmentally friendly.

The future Queen of Sweden and her husband had the opportunity to test excavators, construction trucks and buses. The heiress couple met Volvo Cars employees while visiting the Torslanda plant. Crown Princess Victoria, who wore a floral Saint Laurent blouse and a red suit from The Extreme Collection, looked stunning in the trench coat.

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Crown Princess Victoria in the garden of Gunnebo Castle

Thursday ended at Gunnebo House, located in the municipality of Mölndal, outside Gothenburg. “The Castle” is a manor house, set in a garden and a beautiful garden, built in the 18th century for the merchant John Hall. Its surroundings are among the best-preserved Baroque gardens and are a frequent part of tourist tours by foreign dignitaries who pass through Gothenburg.

Crown Princess Victoria visits Gunnebo Palace and its gardens (Photo: Tommy Holl/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Crown Princess Victoria was given a guided tour of the Gardens of Pleasure and Orangery, which opened in August 2022, and has been built using traditional techniques from 18th century structures. The cultural tour was then extended to the Museum of Fine Arts there Gothenburg, where the eldest daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf visited the exhibition. A wonderful color.

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Seminar at the Chamber of Commerce

On May 26, Prince Daniel returned with his wife to start the day by visiting the West Sweden Business Day, where Governor Sten Tolgfors gave an introductory speech on ecological change.

The royal couple and the governor then visited the Volvo Cars factory in Torslanda. During the visit, Victoria and Daniel got information about the expansion of the factory and the new battery factory. The tour ended in the design workshop where the new model of the Volvo car is being created.

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