Cupra Born in leasing: The best versions of the ID.3 brother

Cupra Born in leasing: The best versions of the ID.3 brother

No, the almost identically sized Cupra Born is not supposed to be a copy of the VW ID.3, even though it comes from the same assembly line in Zwickau and borrows all the MEB technology. Thanks to its independent front and the continuous line of light at the back, the relationship between the compact electric car can only be seen at a second glance. The Cupra Born has sportier aims than the ID.3 and is essentially the model GTI among the company’s electric cars.

Two performance levels were announced during the market launch. The weaker one produces 110 kW (150 hp), the more powerful one 150 kW (204 hp). If desired, there is E-Boost available for the top model, which provides an additional 20 kW at the push of a button. This means that the Cupra Born is not only more powerful than the VW ID.3, but also more expensive. The Born, which is currently only available with 150 kW, costs from 37,220 euros, while the ID.3 is available with the same performance from 33,390 euros.

Cupra Born Leasing from 189 Euro*

Those versions refer to the day the article was created: April 10, 2024

As an alternative to a cash purchase or financing, there are always attractive lease offers for Cupra Born in good condition. For example:

  • from 189.00 euros*; 204 HP/150 kW; A period of 24 months; Mileage: 10,000 km, availability: July 2024.
  • from 189.00 euros*; 204 HP/150 kW; A period of 24 months; Mileage: 10,000 km, availability: September 2024.

*This offer is based on Environmental Bonus policies in effect before 12/16/23. From 18 December 2023, the environmental bonus will no longer be refunded. The federal government stopped funding the Federal Bureau of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). This means that you have to pay the special premium yourself. In addition, this offer may include more special rewards in the form of a THG bonus. More information can be obtained directly from the seller.

What about the electric car bonus?

With the federal government’s sudden end to the electric car bonus, many buyers have been left in dire financial straits and have to forgo a planned amount of several thousand euros. Automakers are also upset. Some of them react quickly and ensure that they will still pay the funding. However, bonuses paid as a sign of goodwill vary widely in terms of amount and duration. You can read here which manufacturer pays for the electric car.

Read all the details carefully

There is The dangers of travel? Of course not. But there are a few features that you should definitely consider. When choosing rental price breakers, we carefully avoid offers that come with, for example Proof of severe disability should be found. Or even on sale commercial lease. Because as an individual customer you cannot benefit from it in any way.

Yes, this is how cheap new cars are.No, the motto is buy and own.

The sporty Cupra Born is already available for less than 400 euros per month. Government funding has already been considered for these offers. In addition, longer delivery times than usual can be expected at present.