Current vehicle recall at FORD: Everything about the affected vehicles and what you can do now

Current vehicle recall at FORD: Everything about the affected vehicles and what you can do now

FORD is currently recalling vehicles. You can find out from us which vehicles are affected and why they are being recalled.

Did you know that in Germany, according to the Product Liability Act, every manufacturer is obliged to warn about the risks arising from their products in order to avoid the so-called “damage to third parties”? This can be done by removing the product from the market or by warning against the (specific) use of the product.
For Tourneo Connect A safety warning was issued by FORD on January 13, 2023. We present a product from Poland with a risk warning printed on it in more detail.

FORD is launching a recall campaign: The warning applies to these models

Kinds of products passenger cars from the category cars were sold by FORD, but the warning only applies to the SK, e132018/8580027001 of Tourneo Connect*. Defective products were manufactured between 03/03/2022 – 07/07/2022. The products are described as follows: “car-car”

Who warns us about the product?

The following processed information comes from the “Rapid Exchange of Information System” (abbreviation: RAPEX). This is the European rapid alert system for consumer protection, where information from member countries about dangerous or potentially dangerous consumer products can be exchanged. The European Commission publishes a weekly report on current RAPEX warnings, which can be viewed online as an overview.

“Tourneo Connect” from FORD – risk of injury

For Tourneo Connect the warning type is “Risk of injury”, with greater risks being reported for the article in relation to the warning level. RAPEX describes the alert level in more detail. So it says here: “The product does not comply with the regulations on the approval and market surveillance of vehicles and vehicle trailers as well as systems, components and different technical units that are intended for these vehicles.” The manufacturer himself reported: “The lower control arms cannot meet the specifications, which can cause these parts to break. In this case, the wheel can hit the wheel housing, which in turn will cause uncertain driving and loss of control of the car. , which increases the risk of an accident.”

Remember the car – what now?

Concrete measures are currently being taken in response to the product warning. The affected vehicles are now being recalled. If your car from one remember affected, please contact an authorized dealer. He can check the case through the main database and discuss further steps with you. Other countries have also issued warnings, such as the Netherlands.

Product description at a glance

product example types production time remember the rules Installation bar code
Tourneo Connect SK, e132018/85800270*01 03/03/2022 – 07/07/2022 not specified not specified not specified

For more information on product warnings, see here.

+++ Editorial note: This text was automatically generated based on current data from RAPEX. If you have any comments or questions, please contact +++

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