Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 is already in Poland.  Prices for the new MY24 range |  French.pl

Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 is already in Poland. Prices for the new MY24 range | French.pl

Dacia publishes Jogger Hybrid 140 prices and price list for the new Model Year 2024 on Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Jogger models

With the New Jogger, Dacia has proposed a new affordable 7-seater concept for the whole family. Dacia Jogger combines the length of a station wagon, the width of a station wagon and the characteristics of an SUV. A strong and muscular car provides excellent comfort for all passengers.

The new hybrid version has all the benefits of the Jogger and makes no compromises. Trunk capacity remains the same, as does the amount of space in the cabin. From the very beginning, Dacia Jogger was designed with space for a traction battery for a hybrid car – this is the best proof of the world of this model. The gravity battery is located under the floor instead of the spare wheel, like the LPG tank in models with the ECO-G 100 engine.

Dacia publishes the prices of the Jogger Hybrid 140 in Poland, the car can now be ordered. It will appear in showrooms in the second half of May

With the announcement of the prices of the Jogger Hybrid 140, Dacia has priced a new range of its main models: Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Jogger, which have acquired the necessary equipment under the control of the GSR2.


This is a new General Safety Regulation that updates vehicle safety requirements in the European Union. GSR2 is intended to improve the safety of all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

As regulations change in July 2024, some safety equipment will become mandatory. All Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Jogger versions of the Model Year 2024 range will be standard with systems such as:

  • road sign recognition and hyper-alert system
  • system management password (LDW)
  • lane keeping system (LKA)
  • active emergency braking system with pedestrian and cyclist detection (AEBS)
  • driver fatigue control system (UTA)
  • light and rain sensors (beam headlights and wipers).
Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 prices and price list for the new model year 2024: Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Jogger

Dacia Sandero prices remain at the same level, only in Jogger the price of the Essential version changes, whose standard equipment has been improved, among others: with manual air conditioning and parking sensors.

Proven technology used by the Group

Thanks to the development of a universal hybrid drive, instead of a conventional electric combustion unit, the Jogger HYBRID 140 offers:

  • always start using the electric motor,
  • driving pleasure, regardless of the prevailing conditions, thanks to the extended possibility of using the electric vehicle, as well as the acceleration time,
  • better energy efficiency, among others thanks to the efficiency of the non-automatic dog gearbox,
  • efficient stand by energy recovery and powerful battery.

The solutions offered are the result of using the knowledge and experience gained by the Renault Group in Formula 1 and the electric vehicle segment.

Thanks to these advantages, the Jogger HYBRID 140 can go around the city in fully electric mode for 80% of the driving time, and fuel consumption in the urban cycle can be up to 40% lower than in a version with a combustion engine of comparable power. , and without the need to change consumer behavior.

Kinetic energy is recovered during deceleration and stopping and then converted into electricity to charge the traction battery again.

The battery can also be charged by the combustion engine. The algorithms used ensure payment, for example when driving on the highway, at the most efficient cycle speed, that is, which produces the greatest number of kW from a given amount of fuel.

This allows you to make better use of the energy produced to recharge the battery when the amount of energy produced exceeds the demand.

The extra energy is used to decelerate the combustion engine during hard acceleration or switching to electric driving mode on the city route.

An innovative gearbox that ensures quick response of the car

Thanks to the use of a classic clutchless gearbox with electric motors, every start is made from an electric motor. This solution significantly reduces the drop in speed when changing gears and translates into greater driving comfort and better performance during acceleration.


The Jogger uses the hybrid drive technology that has proven successful in other Renault Group models. Simple but intelligent design and testing on special stands ensure exceptional reliability and durability. The drive combines two electric motors: an electric motor with a power of 36 kW (49 HP) and a high-voltage HSG (High-Voltage Starter Generator) starter-alternator and a 1.6 l gasoline engine, working with a clutchless innovation and various. -mode gearbox. A clever combination of electric motors and a gearbox with a dog clutch ensures excellent, smooth gear changes.

Faster response and improved energy consumption

The combination of two electric motors, an innovative gearbox and an internal combustion engine provide a wide range of operation.

  • Starting from a standstill in 100% electric mode.: in this innovative box, the lack of a classic clutch allows you to start in 100% electric mode, without the need to start the combustion engine. Therefore, in cars with a hybrid drive, starting from a standstill is done only by using the main engine.
  • Automatic adjustment for road conditions: applied technology based on series-parallel system, which combines the advantages of certain types of hybridization (serial, parallel, series-parallel). When supplying power to the individual wheels or charging the battery, the motors can work independently or together. The drive unit controls the operation of the engines and the level of their use according to the needs in terms of acceleration and power, as well as the ability to recover the traction battery. Management is based on 15 possible combinations of individual engine operation and depending on the gear involved.

Changes in operating modes are practically invisible while driving and does not require any action on the part of the driver. The system automatically selects the operating mode that is best in a given situation to maximize fuel consumption and CO emissions2 without affecting driving dynamics and pleasure.

Energy recovery and regenerative braking

The technology used also allows for better energy management during deceleration and stopping.

  • Recharging the gravity battery during deceleration and stopping: when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator pedal and the gear lever is in position Drive, the main electric motor starts working as a power generator. It recovers the kinetic energy produced during deceleration and converts it into electrical energy, which is sent to the battery.
  • Try B: the energy obtained can be further increased by moving the gear lever into position Brake (B). This ensures maximum energy recovery within the limits of the battery’s capacity when braking up to approximately 7 km/h.
  • Brake regeneration: when you press the brake pedal, the car begins to brake due to the rear action of the electric car, which, if necessary, can be supplemented by hydraulic braking through the action of the brake pads. Here too, the electric motor acts as an additional brake and can recover excess energy to send it to the battery (within the limits of the battery’s capacity).

B mode works well in cars like the Jogger, which is also meant to be a family car and used for leisure trips. When the vehicle is heavily loaded or towed by a trailer, regenerative braking through strong engine braking is very important in such situations.

Energy efficiency and driving pleasure

The hybrid unit installed in the Jogger HYBRID 140 model ensures high efficiency, unparalleled driving dynamics and response time, best demonstrated by accelerating from 80 to 120 km/h in just 8.7 seconds in the 5-seater version and 8.8 seconds in 7 seats. version.

Energy recovery during standstill, high automatic battery charging capacity of 1.2 kWh (230 V) and high efficiency of the drive unit ensure reduced fuel and energy consumption. This allows the car drive around the city in fully electric mode for 80% of driving timea fuel consumption in the urban cycle can be up to 40% lower than in a version with a comparable combustion engine., and without the need to change consumer behavior. HYBRID 140 jogger can travel in fully electric mode at a speed of up to 65-70 km / h, and even reach a speed of up to 160 km / h for a while, as long as the battery charge level and applicable regulations allow.

In the combined cycle, the Jogger HYBRID 140 consumes 4.8 l/100 km and emits 107 g of CO.2/km (wPrices may vary depending on model equipment in a particular market and number of seats) The traction battery, discreetly placed in place of the spare wheel, does not reduce the capacity of the trunk. It is 708 dm3 in the version of 5 seats and from 160 to 595 dm3 in the version with 7 seats. And like other versions of the car, the trunk can be expanded to a maximum capacity of 1,819 dm.3! The Jogger perfectly retains its character as a family car, universal and roomy.

Behind the wheel of the Jogger HYBRID 140

The HYBRID 140 jogger offers a unique driving experience thanks to the intelligent driving system and efficient energy management. The choice of vehicle configuration during driving depends on the driver’s commands (power requirements) and the continuous calculation of the configuration for optimal efficiency. This is to ensure the highest possible performance and the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The driver does not need to worry about setting any parameters: Jogger does it automatically and anonymously. It offers exceptional comfort and a more relaxing ride. Thanks to the combination of an efficient hybrid drive with a total power of 140 HP and a torque of 205 Nm in electric mode and a fast responsive suspension system, the Jogger driver does not need to give up the pleasure of driving.

Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 already in Poland – price

Dacia Sandero, new MY24 range prices

source: Dacia Poland

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