Dacia will have new models in its range.  This is the perfect lineup for years to come, LPG stays!  |  French.pl

Dacia will have new models in its range. This is the perfect lineup for years to come, LPG stays! | French.pl

Dacia X, Dacia Bigster, Dacia Duster III – in the coming years we will see many new models and Dacia showrooms will offer a variety of vehicles in segments B and C. also a hybrid version. Dacia, however, will not invest at least until 2028 in electric equipment.

New Dacia cars are coming. We can expect at least three premieres in the coming years. We have already announced the new model, it is time to prepare the first impressions in the order of their appearance on the market. There will also be an announcement of a brand new car.

New Dacia models, will be shown for the first time in 2024-2026

  • Dacia Duster III – 5-seater compact class SUV. A larger car than the current Duster model, built on a new platform, using new technology. 4×4 drive will probably be available as electric. Part C. Will be delivered in early 2023 and 2024.
  • Dacia Bigster – A small 7-seater SUV, a larger and more advanced model. Under the hood, there will be a new high-powered LPG engine, probably 120-130 hp and a hybrid drive. Part C. Will be delivered in early 2024 and 2025.
  • Dacia X – C-class hatchback, a complete novelty in the range, which will complete the brand’s offering in the C segment. A large, comfortable, large and at the same time expensive car, which is competitive with models like Volkswagen Golf , Hyundai i30, Kia Ceed and similar cars. We don’t know the name yet. Part C. Will be delivered in early 2025 and 2026 or earlier.

Current designs that will remain in the lineup or will be upgraded:

  • dacia jogger – 7-seater general car, for families and companies,
  • Dacia Sandero Stepway – cross. Part B.
  • Dacia Sandero – segment B hatchback.
  • Dacia Spring (and in the future Spring II – with a more powerful engine and a larger battery) – an electric car

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Another brand new trend?

The market is constantly talking about the fact that Dacia can work on the idea of ​​a completely new model, which would be addressed to the most demanding customers. It will be the same car as the Arkana model, using the shape of an SUV or coupé crossover. It will be an interesting move, so we will watch the actions of the manufacturer with great interest.

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