Does Jay-Z Own A Megateur Rolls-Royce Tail?

Does Jay-Z Own A Megateur Rolls-Royce Tail?

( – Sometimes ordering that little steak for your Friday night date just isn’t enough. And sometimes even an ordinary Rolls-Royce, with all its splendor and luxury, is not enough. OK, there’s a big difference between a $50 steak and custom-ordering a $28 million convertible, but the motivation is the same. If you have, be proud.

Rolls Royce presented a stunning body of The tail of a boat and all its good qualities, but one thing the automaker didn’t share was who ordered the part. A closer look at some nifty details leads more than a few people to guess who the owner of Boat Tail might be.

In fact, they are the owners, as Rolls-Royce has already confirmed that the customers are a couple. And there is evidence that the two are pop stars Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Rolls Royce Boat Tail zoom

It all starts with the blue color that the Boat Tail is painted on. Daily Mail shows the musicians’ love for the color blue, which extends to Blue Ivy, their daughter’s name. Perhaps most notable is the refrigerator mounted on the rear opening deck.

Like Telegraph Mentioned, the refrigerator is designed to chill the brand “Armand de Brignac” champagne at a certain temperature. According to Rolls-Royce, sparkling wine is a customer favorite, and luckily, Jay-Z is a brand partner. And then there’s the sea scene, as the superstars are known for frequent visits to the French Riviera, on land and water.

No one has come forward to claim ownership of the new one-off Boat Tail, but there’s no denying that the car is very attractive and stylish. In addition to the previously mentioned refrigerator, there is also an umbrella and a folding table on the back deck that can make a nice picnic by the sea.

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The interior is upholstered in blue leather, the fabric roof is hand-rolled to preserve the contours of the road and yes, it’s the only Rolls-Royce of its kind in the world. The new Boat Tail took four years to build, and we suspect the new owners can’t wait to see what the $28 million in automotive wealth looks like soon.

Source: Daily Mail, The Telegraph (Subscription Required)