Don’t believe it. Have they lost their minds?

Don’t believe it. Have they lost their minds?

The twelfth F1 race of the season took place last Sunday. The fastest drivers in the world competed at the Paul Ricard circuit in France. He became the winner of that round Max Verstappenand the podium was completed by the Mercedes duo – Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Once again, the Ferrari team had a bad weekend. Experts do not leave negative comments on the attitude and strategy of the Italian team. Negative words also fell from the mouth Nico Rosberg.

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Nico Rosberg bit his tongue. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was going on there?”

Charles Leclerc he was leading almost from the start of Sunday’s race. However, on lap 18 he made a mistake, which caused him to lose control of the car and hit the board. At least not long after an accident The 24-year-old complained about the problem with the gas pedal, and immediately after the interview he had a different attitude to it. – I lost my back grip. It doesn’t seem like a mechanical problem at all, I could get dirt behind the wide rear wheel. It’s my fault. If I keep making mistakes like this, I don’t deserve the rank – Leclerc said after the race.

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However, former world champion Nico Rosberg had a different opinion on this topic. The German listed several reasons that could have caused the collision, but in his opinion, the engineers are the most to blame. Ferrari. – In my opinion, Monaco very quickly took all the responsibility of the incident. I think it wasn’t just his fault, after all, he didn’t even drive to the limit and save the tires. I believe two factors may have contributed to this accident. The first of them could be a sudden gust of wind that reduced the pressure on the rear wing car. In this case, additional power is directed to the rear wheels, causing a skid. But the real question is what generates this extra power? What did the engine do this time? I think Ferrari needs to look into this. It’s clearly their fault, because drivers don’t make many mistakes – stressed Rosberg, quoted by “Marc”.

However, this is not the end of the criticism that Germany sent to the Maranello team. During the race on Sunday, the Italian engineers also made a tactical error in their strategy Carlos Sainz. A few laps before the end of the race, the Spaniard overtook Sergio Perez, who was in third place. After a successful attack, the Ferrari race engineer … began to unexpectedly lure the driver to the pit lane to replace the tires. Sainz did not agree with this decision, but in the end he argued, costing him the podium. He eventually placed fifth.

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The behavior of the engineers was incomprehensible to Rosberg. According to the German, Ferrari made a mistake again this season. – I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was going on there? Why did the Maranello team make such a decision? They were playerwho was fighting for the stage. And this is what they should consider, not counting how many laps have been completed on the given tire. Have they lost their minds? roared the German.

– The tires were not fully worn. Besides, if he hadn’t pulled himself out of the hole, he could have passed it Hamilton and even take second place. But in the end, the team denied him important points, Rosberg concluded.

After the French GP Max Verstappen extended the lead in the general classification over the Ferrari duo. At the moment, the Dutchman leads with 233 points on the account. Leclerc is in second place (170 points), and the temporary podium is complete Perez (163 points). Carlos Sainz accumulated 144 points, which puts him in fourth place. The next race will be held next Sunday. This time the F1 drivers will be competing at the Hungarian GP.