Dwayne Johnson says Warner Bros.  he didn’t want Superman Henry Cavill to come back

Dwayne Johnson says Warner Bros. he didn’t want Superman Henry Cavill to come back

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October 16, 2022, 21:33

author: Kamil “grim_reaper” Kleszyk

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson attacked the original authority of Warner Bros. claiming they were responsible for Henry Cavill’s long absence from the role of Superman. According to the actor, under the current law, DC is entering a completely new era.

Image source: Man of Steel, Zack Snyder, Warner Bros., 2013, Black Adam, Jaume Collet-Serra, Warner Bros., 2022.


Henry Cavill made his film debut as Superman Iron man in 2013. Although not everyone liked Zack Snyder’s performance, many viewers believed that the British actor was created to play the role of the most famous hero in the history of pop culture. Unfortunately, the flap that turned out to be in 2017 Justice League in a way, it closed the door on the Kryptonian character for his further development in the DC universe. As a result, fans of the hero felt so much pain that they demanded his return – unfortunately, without results. Fortunately, this situation may finally change thanks to… Dwayne Johnson.

Movie star Black Adamas part of the promotion of the latest DC show, he participated in many interviews. During one of the conversation popular The Rock, noted that his main goal in the event Black Adam this is “caring for the fans”. He also emphasized that it took six years to fully convince Warner Bros. bringing Henry Cavill’s Superman back to the DCEU (via One by one)

surprisingly, Johnson pointed out that everything was to be blamed on the former WB management, which repeatedly denied it. However, the new management of the studio, according to the actor, made it possible Black Adam “bringing a new era to the DC cinematic universe.”

It serves not only Black Adambut serves all DCs. […] And yes, phone calls and meetings, but man, it’s been years… it’s been six years to do it. I will repeat again – We started talking about it six years ago and they kept saying no. Now the lead is over, as we begin a new era in the DC Universe by removing the old one Johnson said.

Gwiazdor directly admitted that he lamented the absence of Superman from the DCEU, who in his opinion “had been out of the way for too long”. Everything seems to indicate that Johnson has the ability to fulfill the wishes of the fans for the hero in red. All that remains, then, is to wait for official confirmation of Cavill’s return.

Finally, let us remind you that the premiere of the film Black Adam will be held on October 21. If you are interested in the show, here you can learn a little about its pre-release reviews.

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