Enter the price list: the new Nissan X-Trail

Enter the price list: the new Nissan X-Trail

That’s it: the new Nissan X-Trail has now also crossed over to Europe. We enter the price list for the first introduction.

Having already debuted internationally in 2020 (as the Nissan Rogue in North America), the new Nissan X-Trail is now ready to conquer Europe as well. The newest generation of the model is completely true to date, both in terms of the car and the equipment.

Nissan X-Trail engines

The engine range is nice and clear. In the Netherlands, the new Nissan X-Trail is only available with the e-Power hybrid powertrain, good for a system power of 150 kW (204 hp) and an average consumption of 5.8 l/100 km (WLTP). The gasoline engine is a 1.5-liter three-cylinder, but it is only there to generate electricity. The wheels are always powered by electricity.

However, you can opt for the e-4ORCE four-wheel drive. Then it is a little more powerful with 157 kW (213 hp), but the big advantage is the additional torque. That increases with four-wheel drive from 330 to 530 Nm. Towing weight is also an argument for choosing a four-wheel drive, because then the X-Trail can suddenly pull 1,800 kg, instead of only 670 kg with a front-wheel drive. The e-4ORCE variant is slightly less economical.

Unfortunately, the Nissan X-Trail is also available outside the Netherlands with three and four cylinder petrol engines without hybrid technology. You guessed it: because of the high speed, they are not that attractive to the Netherlands.

New price of Nissan X-Trail

The Dutch list price starts at 48,390 euros. If you want a four-wheel drive, you should save up to 52,390 euros. In both cases you get the Acenta trim level. Above are N-Connecta (from 51,390 euros), Tekna (from 54,890 euros) and Tekna Plus (from 58,440 euros), which of course continues to expand the standard equipment. For the seven-seater Nissan X-Trail, you also have to choose four-wheel drive and then have a starting price of 53,390 euros.

Standard equipment for Nissan X-Trail

Fortunately, this amount is fixed with standard equipment readily available. Some of the highlights: 18-inch alloys, full LED headlights, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, keyless entry, driver’s seat with power lumbar support (height adjustable manually), 7-inch instrument panel (between analog counters) and 8. -inch touchscreen for infotainment (with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and essential USB connections). You also get everything you need about safety systems and driving aids. Or hopefully you don’t need it, really.

If you go ahead and reserve for the N-Connecta, you’ll mainly get a 12.3-inch cockpit, a wider infotainment with a 12.3-inch touchscreen with navigation and more infotainment functions. The Tekna adds, in particular, additional driving aids and comfort items, and the Tekna Plus completes that with a more luxurious finish, massage seats and a Bose sound system.

Options, options…

Think carefully about your choice of model, because there really aren’t any different options or packages. If you go to that step in the installer, you will be directed to the top level of devices and each package or option. Finally we go to N-Connecta.

The X-Trail is actually already reasonably priced as usual, but we still want that detailed information. In addition, the N-Connecta also offers tinted rear windows, roof rails, more adjustment options for the passenger seat and ambient lighting.

Nissan X-Trail exterior decoration

Nissan X-Trail is standard white. Other colors cost at least 800 euros extra. Then you can choose from black, a number of shades of gray, orange and dark blue. For an additional 900 euros, ‘champagne silver’, dark red and mother-of-pearl white is also possible. We go to blue.

There are no wheel options, we should have chosen the higher trim level for that. Not bad, the standard 18 inch rims look good in our opinion and would have been our choice anyway. For higher trim levels, the roof can also be finished in contrasting black with most body colors.

Nissan X-Trail interior

We are also quick with this step, because the black fabric upholstery is the only option for the selected version. Too dark maybe, but otherwise fine. The brown top of the dashboard breaks up the black background. Higher trim levels still offer a choice of black or gray faux leather and black or ‘sand’ leather first.

Option packages Nissan X-Trail

Now that we’re one level up compared to the regular version, we have the option of a package of exactly one option. That’s the Lounge Pack, with a paneled roof and electric sunblinds, 3-zone air conditioning and a sliding rear seat. That costs an extra 1,450 euros. Let’s take a look anyway.

Build your own Nissan X-Trail

So we have already reached the end of the configuration. Nissan X-Trail now costs 53,640 euros. Do you also think Nissan X-Trail is a success? Just put it together www.nissan.nl. There you will also find a complete overview of prices and equipment.

Did you see the mistake? Send us an email. We are grateful.

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