Essen Motor Show: Start of “TECHNO-CLASSICA ESSEN 2024”

Essen Motor Show: Start of “TECHNO-CLASSICA ESSEN 2024”

The 34th Techno-Classica Essen festival started successfully on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, in the exhibition halls of Essen. For five days, the World Classic Show will be a place of pilgrimage for all fans of classic cars. More than 1,250 exhibitors from more than 30 countries are presenting their wonderful natural exhibits.

120 years of Rolls Royce
About the cover photo: The Rolls-Royce shown by SIHA is the car that was last owned by the Dutch royal family and was used, among other things, for the wedding ceremony of the reigning royal couple Máxima and Willem-Alexander in 2002. Today it is privately owned and can be rented for special events.

Techno-Classica celebrates the anniversary of Rolls-Royce with a large special exhibition of the organizer SIHA – modern witnesses of the rich history of the English brand are arranged in the central Hall 3.

50 years of the VW Golf
This year the VW Golf celebrates its 50th anniversary. The success story on four wheels will be honored with a special exhibition in Hall 4. The highlight is presented – the Golf 1 LS from 1974, which covered more than 30,000 kilometers in a tour from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

When you think of VW and its great success, you first think of the Beetle – but the Golf, its successor, comes close: a modern water-cooled cylinder replaced the air-cooled rear box, instead of the smooth, round, slim design that existed. It has a light body and wide designed by Giugiaro in Italy. It offered a large tailgate for ease of use and a modern four-door option.
The Golf worked from day one – the Golf drove with confidence, gave a lot and could do almost anything – although it could also rust.

50 years of the Porsche Turbo
In Hall 3, one Porsche 911 Turbo worth seeing is lined up next to the next. The special display showcases many examples from the long history of the classic sports car.
The goal was very clear: Porsche had decided to make the most successful 911 model hotter in the early 1970s – turbocharging was supposed to extract more power from the air-cooled boxer engine.
But this fast Porsche was not a car for everyone, not least because of the high purchase price. But also because the turbo showed no mercy – as soon as the charger increased enough pressure, the sports car changed the rocket state. Anyone who met this fate on a curve had to react to the steering wheel in a split second and do the right thing with their right foot. Otherwise it would go wrong.
For the 50th anniversary, SIHA, together with the Wuppertal Early 911S specialist, created an exclusive special display with three dozen 911 Turbos from all years of construction.

TECHNO-CLASSICA ESSEN is open at Messe Essen until Sunday, April 7, 2024.