Estoril: Schlosser wins, title decision postponed / side world championship

Estoril: Schlosser wins, title decision postponed / side world championship

With their victory in the first race in Estoril, Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries still have a chance to successfully defend the world championship title. Lukas Wyssen/Thomas Hofer lead with fourth place.

After qualifying for the Circuito do Estoril, the top three in the sidecar world championship were also in the top three positions on the starting grid, albeit in a reversed order. Third in the World Championship, Stephen Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood (Quattro Group) took their place ahead of second in the World Championship standings, Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries (Gustoil Sidecar Racing), and World Championship leaders Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clément (Santander Salt). ) the first position of the cluster.

It was Schlosser/Fries who were able to take first place with the electric start. But the defending champions could only enjoy the lead for a short time. Ellis/Clément returned from the first lap of the 4.182 km circuit as leaders ahead of Kershaw/Charlwood and Schlosser/Fries. Ted and Vincent Peugeot (FHC Competition) were fourth ahead of Sam and Tom Christie (Christie Engineering Services) and Lukas Wyssen/Thomas Hofer (Gustoil Sidecar Racing).

Ellis was able to defend his lead until the sixth lap, after which the pole vaulter took command for four laps. At halftime, Schlosser/Fries led the field unchallenged. In their last race before retirement, the Swiss side pair managed to light up their class again. Undeterred by the rebellious competition, they were able to extend their lead to more than five seconds by 16 of 18 laps.

In the last round, the British-French duo Ellis/Clément managed to overtake the Scottish-British pair of Kershaw/Charlwood and narrowly defended second place until they crossed the finish line.

With 50 points for their third win of the year, Schlosser/Fries were able to reduce their gap to Ellis/Clément to 41 points. If the world championship title is successfully defended after all, the 50-year-old from Bern and his fellow 55-year-old driver from the state of Lucerne will also have to win the last race of the season, although the opponents should only come in the twelfth. The runner-up title is up for grabs for the Swiss, as Kershaw/Charlwood are already 52 points behind.

The battle for fourth place was also exciting. From the fourth lap, Wyssen/Hofer took this position, which they were able to save at the finish line ahead of Peugeot/Peugeot and Christie/Christie. Behind them, Pekka Päivärinta/Ilse de Haas (Bonovo Action) and Harry Payne/Callum Crowe (Race Team 45) did their solitary laps. As throughout the season, Claude Vinet/Christophe Pouillot (Vinet LKS Racing) and Kevin Cable/Charlie Richardson (LW Racing) fought an exciting battle.

Rupert Archer/Steve Thomas (Hannafin Contractors), who had to miss the second qualifying session after an engine failure, finished twelfth ahead of Pierre Leguen/Leopold Rouby (Leguen Racing). Bennie Streuer/Kevin Kölsch (Bonovo Action) had to give up before the race. After two engine failures, the Dutch-German couple who won the second race at the Pannonian Ring no longer had spare parts to take their place in fourth place.

Results, Race 1, Estoril
1. Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries (CH), jumps 18 in 32:10.267 minutes 2. Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clément (GB/F), 4.734 seconds. 3. Stephen Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood (GB), +5.025 sec. 4. Lukas Wyssen/Thomas Hofer (CH). 5. Ted Peugeot/Vincent Peugeot (F). 6. Sam Christie/Tom Christie (England). 7. Pekka Päivärinta/Ilse de Haas (FIN/NL). 8. Harry Payne/Calum Crowe (GB/GBM). 9. Claude Vinet/Christophe Pouillot (F). 10. Kevin Cable/Charlie Richardson (UK). 11. Philippe Le Bail/Serge Leveau (F). 12. Rupert Archer/Steve Thomas (England). 13 Pierre Leguen/Leopold Rouby (F). Fastest lap: Schlosser/Fries in 1:46.081 minutes.

World Cup Standings (after 15 of 16 races)
1. Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clément (GB/F), 345 points. 2. Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries (CH), 304. 3. Stephen Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood (GB), 252. 4. Lukas Wyssen/Thomas Hofer ( CH), 166. 5. Harry Payne/Callum Crowe (GB), 135.6 Bennie Streuer/Kevin Kölsch (NL/D), 130.7 Ted Peugeot/Vincent Peugeot (F), 125.8 Kevin Cable/Charlie Richardson (GB), 91.9 Claude Vinet/Christophe Pouillot (W) 10/82 Tim Reeves/Kevin Reeves GB/F), 11/68 Sam Christie/Tom Christie (GB), 12/63 Cédric Pierard/Arnaud Pierard (B) 10/45 Pekka Päivärinta/ Ilse de Haas, 40/14 Philippe Le Bail/Serge Leveau (W) 28/15 Pierre Leguen/Leopold Rouby (W), 28/16 Paul Leglise/Mélanie Farnier (W) 27/17 Robb Biggs/Jake Lowther (GB), 26/18 Rupert Archer/Steve Thomas (GB), 22/19 Philippe Gallerne/Jean-Philippe Bouchart (F) 18/20 Peter Kimeswenger/Ondrej Sedlacek (A/CZ), 17/21 Janez Remse/Manfred Wechselberger (SLO/ A), 16 22 Markus Schwegler/Ondrej Kopecky (D/CZ) , 10 23 Stéphane Gadet/Tristan Gadet (F), 8