European Team Championship: Poland for the third time in a row European Championship / Speedway Team

European Team Championship: Poland for the third time in a row European Championship / Speedway Team

The Polish national team surrounding world champion Bartsoz Zmarzlik more than fulfilled their role as favorites in the final of the European Speedway Team Championship. Poland won with 16 points ahead of Denmark.

Even before the final of the European Speedway Team Championship, the Poles seemed to be popular. Anyone who expected a sensation from Denmark or Sweden would probably be disappointed. In the first race at the final in Graudenz (Grudziądz), the Poles showed who was the master of the house and took the race victory with Bartosz Zmarzlik and Patryk Dudek ahead of the Swedes.

The Swedes stumbled in the following runs with zero points from Jacob Thorssell and Antonio Lindbäck. The Danes, on the other hand, were able to gain ground on the leading Poles with two race wins.

After Poland was ten points ahead of the Danes (8 points) and Sweden (4 points) after the first round, the home team then ran into the second round with a four-run victory to open up a ten-point lead. The Polish team maintained this lead until the end of the summer, even if the Danes made a smart exchange with Anders Thomsen for Mads Hansen, but they could not gain any significant ground with this move.

In the 17th race, Bartosz Zmarzlik was able to finish all the calculations with his race win. Even if Poland had completely lost the last three runs, they would not have been able to keep pace.

Silver went safely to the Danes, who managed to win six races. The Swedes, who took the bronze, could not celebrate the race victory, while the Czechs, as the fourth-placed team, at least managed to win the race.

The German team, which hosted the finals in Stralsund last year, missed out on qualifying for the finals by finishing third in the semi-finals in Danzig (Gdansk).

Results Final European Speedway Team Championship, Graudnz/PL:

1. Poland (51 points): Bartosz Zmarzlik 13, Patryk Dudek 14, Przemyslaw Pawlicki 10, Piotr Pawlicki 13, Wiktor Przyjemski 1. 2. Denmark (35 points): Mikkel Michelsen 9, Andersn Ramsen 1 5, Bastian Pedersen N. 3 Sweden (20 points): Jacob Thorssell 2, Antonio Lindbäck 4, Fredrik Lindgren 10, Kim Nilsson 4, Casper Henriksson 0. 4. Czech Republic (13 points): Daniel Klima 2, Vaclav Milik 5, Jan Kvech 5, Jan Macek 0, Adam Bednar 1.