F1.  Aston Martin is legit

F1. Aston Martin is legit

Aston Martin unveiled a number of improvements to its AMR22 car on Friday during the first practice ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix. The modifications concern, among others, the floor, the side panels and the rear wing.

Similarities were quickly noticed between the updated Aston Martin and the Red Bull RB18, giving the project the nickname “Green Red Bull”.

This is not the first time that in the case of a British firm there is a similarity between their car and another project. In 2020, the Racing Point car was called the “pink Mercedes” because it was based on the 2019 Mercedes championship.

As for the pink Mercedes, the FIA ​​insisted on engineering rules in the matter of copying rivals’ patents and revealed on Friday in Barcelona that it had looked at an updated Aston Martin car.

F1 officials said during a “routine technical review” of the updates planned for the firm of Lawrence Stroll, “it became clear that many aspects of Aston Martin are similar to the solutions of other teams.”

This led to an investigation into AMR22 to verify compliance with Article 17.3 of the Technical Regulations regarding “transferability of intellectual property rights”.

Following an investigation, the FIA ​​concluded that Aston Martin complied with the regulations, making the new features legal.

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Red Bull Racing obviously referred to the FIA ​​position. He issued a statement in which he said that he “considered it in the interest of the FIA ​​statement.”

“Although imitation is the main form of flattery, copying any design will of course have to comply” with the FIA’s reverse engineering rules, said the Milton Keynes team. – If there was any transfer of intellectual property rights, however, it would be a clear violation of the law and would be a serious problem.

As part of the restructuring of Aston Martin’s technical division, several high-level RBR employees have joined the ranks, including former head of Aerodynamics Dan Fallows, who became technical director at his new team in early April.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport consultant, told Sky Germany that it should “explain how this incredible replica” of the RB18 was made.

“You also have to consider that we were taken seven people, and our chief aerodynamicist was brought to Aston Martin with a disproportionately large salary,” said Marko. – We are still investigating the facts. We will look at it in detail.

“Dan Fallows was on notice,” he added. – In theory, copying is not prohibited, but can you make a detailed copy of our car without a document?

Following the FIA’s statement, an Aston Martin spokesperson said: “We shared details of our updates with FIA technical staff.

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