F1, in Montecarlo between legends and restaurants to discover

F1, in Montecarlo between legends and restaurants to discover

A traditional appointment this weekend with the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Who knows if Antony Noghes, a wealthy tobacconist, had imagined in 1929 that his vision would be very successful. It was he who organized the first competition, with the permission of Louis II Grimaldi, ruler of the Administration. Since then the race has been contested 79 times, becoming part of the World Championships in 1950, starting a great story. It is not for nothing that this is considered the most prestigious race, which even drivers like, putting it on par with the Indianapolis 500 or the 24 Hours of Le Mans. And it was what happened at the beginning in that distant period that began to build the story of an event that is a combination of the spirit of competition, courage, entertainment, world, which is now followed on TV by tens of millions of viewers.

Team boxes (afp)

The story is known to local people. But it is worth telling those who do not know. Sixteen drivers initially drive cars with already interesting names: Bugatti, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Delage, Mercedes and the small Corre La Licorne. The 26-year-old won ‘W Williams’ the experiments of an English father and a French mother who participated under a pseudonym, calling themselves William Charles Frederick Grover. He started in fifth place with his Bugatti Tite 35B, in 3 hours 56’11, stopping the Romanian in the 318 km race. George Burianu (one car) and already very popular Rudolph Caracciolaat the wheel of a luxury Mercedes Benz SSK, of more than 2 minutes. Mr. Grover had started driving cars at a very young age, driving the car of a famous Irish painter William Orpen. And here his story became daring. A few months later he married Yvonne Aupicq, who was the mistress of his employer. But Orpen was probably happy with this marriage (perhaps it freed him from the completed imprisonment), so much so that he gave the couple a Rolls-Royce cabriolet. William continued to race, winning the Belgian GP and other top-level races. When the Second World War began, William fled to England and was recruited by the Royal Army Service Corps and, due to his language skills, he was placed in the special service and sent to Paris to prepare sabotage plans against the German invaders. He was discovered by the SS and, convicted, was executed in the spring of 1945. The surprising fact is that someone claimed to have identified him with the so-called character. George Tambalwho would die in 1983. A video game was also produced based on his story which features an Irishman as the main character. Sean Devlinwith the name ‘Mhujumu’.

Luxury cars and yachts: it’s Montecarlo (afp)

In short, a storyalthough for many viewers who come to watch the performances of Verstappen And Leclercno Hamilton And Alonso, to name the four most famous pilots, among the winds that glide even at almost 300 per hour in the streets of the Administration, knows nothing about ‘Williams’. People go around, go to expensive stadiums, climb Rocca and hope to meet someone from their driving days. But there is also a need to solve, on several levels, the ‘problem’ of appetite and thirst that often occurs during long race days. For those who don’t want or can’t spend a lot of money, there is no shortage of street food. In Place D’Armes, several hundred from one of the roundabout entrances, you can find everything. Panini, Sandwiches, wet pain (a type of salad niçoise between two pieces), french, fried sausages. We can mention the Eden Bar, Bar de Monaco, the Maison de Pates Condamine, there are several locations, take-away is also possible. All at a modest price, bearing in mind that we are not in a small town in the Ligurian region.

Pizza, robiola and paccheri: the restaurant in Montecarlo most loved by Formula 1 drivers is Italian.

and Nicoletta Moncalero

For those who want to treat themselves well and also if you expect to find other characters from the ‘car circus’ in the room, you can consider the Restaurant. Saliere at Fontville, at the new port. Italian in name and in fact, the only difficulty is finding the place. You must book in advance, it is still open for lunch and dinner. A typical menu, ‘from grandma’, they say. So in appetizers we can find Eggplant Parmigiana, like beef tartare. Continuing with the first Maccheroncini alla Carbonara, Linguine with seafood, Risotto of the day. For those who continue Milanese of veal or tuna steak with grilled asparagus and finish, perhaps, with chocolate cake. There is also a selection of about ten pizzas and decorated focaccias. Nutritional wine list. Obviously, for a complete list, the price is not worth it.

Dessert from La Montgolfière

To stay close to the runway there was the legendary Stars and Bars on the Antoine I pier, near the F1 pits. But, unfortunately, it closed last February, after thirty years of success. So it is better to take advantage of the centenary of the birth of Ranieri III, and the ongoing celebrations and go to the Palazzo dei Principi. By number. 16 of Rue Basse we find a restaurant La MontgolfiereCharacter and compassion, like the owner, course Henri Geraci. Usually for lunch you spend from 13 to 16 euros for appetizers, and the first or second course from 16 to 31. In the evening, 3 courses for 59 euros, 4 for 66, and at the end you get cheese and desserts. Monsieur Geraci has also prepared a menu for the Grand Prix, but as it usually happens when there is a race, the price goes up: Friday and Sunday menus from 105 to 115 euros. Saturday is already full. The dishes, for those who want to know, you can enjoy a plate of dried white asparagus with a marbled egg mimosa, risotto with seasonal artichoke and Menton lemon butter, baked sea fillet, or Japanese ‘black cod’. Sardine goat cheese and dessert with delicious pear and chocolate cake cooked in minutes. Among the wines there is also a good Ormeasco.

To get out of the fightbut also in this case it is important to write in time, about ten kilometers we can go to Menton at the restaurant Square Victoria, in the square of the same name. Pino’s cat, the owner of Tuscan, is a big fan of… cycling. Maybe you can find him Cipollini or I agree. We eat well. The list is not too long of dishes, all delicious. Open only in the evening, it offers: fried anchovies, Sanremo prawns, prawn fritters with courgette flowers, tuna and avocado tartare, linguine with clams and courgettes, shellfish ravioli, Valencian paella, fried squid and prawns, fried octopus and burrata and pistachio. to bake a fillet of St. Peter and potatoes. Lots of pizzas and Italian desserts of all kinds. This is a great escape back to Italy. Hoping to return with good results from Ferrari.