Ferrari 2025, Villeneuve on Leclerc-Hamilton: “An important year for Charles” – News

Ferrari 2025, Villeneuve on Leclerc-Hamilton: “An important year for Charles” – News

2025: a new Ferrari range

The 2024 Formula 1 Championship is underway, but even before its start news of the signing of Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari for 2025. The Englishman will replace Carlos Sainz (whose future at Circus is still unknown) thus becoming Ferrari’s new teammate. Charles Leclerc.

Talent to be a champion

Curriculum, Monegasque, more common than that of #44, as shown by seven world titles won against five wins and 32 podiums in total of the 26-year-old Ferrari driver in 107 GPs contested by Red. Success was made difficult first by Hamilton’s own strengths at Mercedes and later by Max Verstappen’s Red Bull, not to mention several Ferrari and driver mistakes in recent years. Despite this, Leclerc is recognized as one of the brightest talents of today’s Formula 1, to the point of having all the qualifications to be able to qualify one day World Champion.

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In an interview with the newspaper They have GPF, Jacques Villeneuve wanted to draw parallels between the arrival of George Russell at Mercedes and the arrival of Charles Leclerc at Ferrari: “Russell was not brought to Mercedes as a championbut as a young man who has not yet proven his worth. On the contrary, Charles arrived at Ferrari as a champion, when he was still one. And he couldn’t beat someone in karting, he has to prove it. Sure it’s fast, very fast, but who won the GP with Ferrari last year was not him”. The Canadian world champion then concluded, with an eye to 2025: “It will be interesting to understand the balance of power within the Red Team next year, which will be decisive for Charles, but not for Lewis.”