Ferrari celebrates 30 years of presence in China with a very special Rome

Ferrari celebrates 30 years of presence in China with a very special Rome

Ferrari’s customization department created a unique Roma unit, inspired by Chinese culture, to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary in the country.

Ferrari celebrates 30 years of presence in the Chinese market with a special division of its Roma. It is completely inspired by Chinese culture and its several arts, which focus on the craftsmanship of making different pieces. It was co-created by Chinese designer Jiang Qiong’er with the help of the Ferrari Tailor Made department, which maintains a wide range of options, tailored to each customer.

For this particular unit, the color chosen for the body work was Sanusilver Matte, with elements in Rossi Magma Glossy, such as the longitudinal line that runs along the body, a tribute to the traditional Chinese red and which was also inspired by the characteristics of the classic furniture of the dynasty of Ming. In addition, there are other things that also receive the same sound, in the lower area of ​​the bumpers and side skirts, as well as various carbon fiber materials, such as the door sills, have also been improved.

To preserve the key to this Rome, a special box was built, painted in Boluo varnish painted in red and gold, an ancient Chinese technique known for the unique finish of the text and which includes a small plaque with Chinese characters for “30”. This gold dedication plaque is decorated with jade and has a symbolic meaning: in ancient Chinese culture, gold symbolizes wealth and good fortune, while jade represents purity and sweetness. Both equal well wishes and respect.

Jiang Qiong’er has created a lifestyle package for this model, with features designed to stimulate multi-sensory enjoyment that includes the pursuit of quality and style. This set includes a set of four aroma diffusers, one for each season, made of ebony and crystal, but also Boluo varnished teaware painted in red and gold. In addition, an ebony cigarette box, an ink cigarette ashtray, a bamboo tea set, a Xuan kite, a cashmere throw and a set of Chinese agate and leather checks are also included. All items made to measure, so they can be stored directly in the glove compartment, hand compartment and luggage compartment.

As for the Ferrari Roma, its choice is related to the fact that it will be able to combine a more sporty character with refined proportions and a timeless design. The engine is a 620hp biturbo V8, which has already won the International Engine of the Year award for four consecutive years. This unique and special edition not only encapsulates thirty years of memorable events for Ferrari in China, but also marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the brand’s journey in the region.

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