Ferrari defends Robert Schwarzman after deployment to Austin

Ferrari defends Robert Schwarzman after deployment to Austin

( – Formula 1 teams are obliged to offer young drivers the opportunity to do free practice sessions in the current Formula 1 car during the season. Robert Schwarzman entered the Ferrari ring during the US Grand Prixto show his talent. Due to the difficult conditions, the runner-up in the 2021 Formula 2 season did not find it easy to put his car on the line in Austin.

Robert Schwarzman is supported by Ferrari


Ferrari motoring director Laurent Mekies is very satisfied with the performance of the Russian driving under the Israeli flag, as the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has banned the Russian flag due to the war of aggression against Ukraine. The traditional Italian racing team did not think that the 23-year-old could immediately compete at the level of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Despite the difficult course and strong winds, Schwarzman, who was born in Israel, still completed his program.

“I think it’s hard for young drivers to practice for free in Austin of all places,” Mekies said of the youngster’s commitment. “It’s a track with a lot of holes and the wind was blowing really hard, so I think everyone out there had a hard time. Even Carlos who was on the track at the same time got out of the car and said, “That’s it. it is the last session where I would give the car to a young driver.’

Schwarzman made sure Leclerc’s car was not damaged by ‘fixing his programme’. “He built confidence in the round,” Mekies confirms the benefits of Schwarzman’s use. “We tried to give him the best possible chance. We had two sets of tires and we know that you can never reach the times of ordinary drivers in an hour.”

Mekies talks about the “development process” that young pilots in first class must go through. “He will be with us again in Abu Dhabi,” confirms Ferrari’s sporting director, who thinks that Schwarzman will step back into the desert and develop further. At the next Formula 1 race in Brazil, regular drivers Leclerc and Sainz will again take part in the first free practice session.