FIAT also wants to build another 500 petrol in Turin

FIAT also wants to build another 500 petrol in Turin

Does the Nuova 500 also come as a Hybrid?

The FIAT 500e is not enough to keep the Mirafiori going. But the FIAT 500e is also not enough to continue supplying the Italian market with enough FIAT … The electric market is growing faster than expected. We remember well that when the electric 500 was launched in 2020, we wondered if the 500 Hybrid from Tychy would eventually be replaced by a new hybrid version of the model that would be assembled in Turin. FIAT was not very clear about this at the time and talked specifically about a fleet that would be fully electric. However, we currently see that demand is lagging and that hybrid solutions are far from obsolete.

The ‘leaked’ letter.

The fact that not many electric 500s are currently rolling off the production line in Mirafiori (and certainly not the Abarth 500e) is causing confusion, even in the Senate in Rome. However, Stellantis assures that the large factory in Turin will continue to play an important role next to the Italian icon. And then a letter from Stellantis to the merchants in and around the Piedmontese capital appeared in the Italian press; “Dear supplier, we ask you to evaluate the costs and the ability to meet the needs of a possible increase in the production of equipment intended for example ‘332’ (FIAT 500e), but as a combustion engine version. This is about 175,000 units annually.” That would save a sip in the drink for the sick Mirafiori. Union representatives are still reacting cautiously and are waiting to see what exactly Stellantis plans to do.

500 new or old?

The ‘classic’ 500, was established in 2007it starts at one o’clock new job from Algeria for markets in the area. Other sources now say that FIAT also wants to move this model from Tychy to Turin, but then a technical update will have to follow. This is also not a sustainable solution in the long term, but above all an expensive option because it is a completely different structure from what Turin currently responds to. Furthermore, the letter clearly talks about the ‘modello 332’ as the base, which is the BEV that is already coming off the production line in Mirafiori. We are expected to know more details about this plan in April and the final approval from the higher authorities still needs to be done.

The Importance of the FIAT 500 Hybrid

In Italy, hybrid FIATs are still a very important option in a market that is electrifying faster than, for example, the Netherlands. So the Panda will continue as the super affordable Pandina Hybrid and Lancia will also introduce the new Ypsilon with a combustion engine. However, the current 500 Hybrid will no longer roll off the production line in Poland and has not been updated recently to meet the latest NCAP requirements.