Fiat angers Italian motorcyclists: ‘what a shame’ for two wheels, what is happening?

Fiat angers Italian motorcyclists: ‘what a shame’ for two wheels, what is happening?

Fiat has come up with an idea that has motorcyclists turning up their noses, and which is sure to cause a debate. Here are all the details.

Brand Fiat has entered a foundational year for its future, as the new Panda will be revealed to the world on July 11. It will be an electric B-segment SUV, and for the first time, the Panda name will be associated with a zero emission model. The Turin company also launched the Pandina, the successor to the city car, which has been the best-selling car in Italy for 12 years now.

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Fiat, also in 2023, has revealed two notable innovations, which have undoubtedly renewed the range and updated all the possibilities of this brand to achieve notable results. However, In the last few hours, controversy has arisen due to a controversial area of ​​advertisingand which we will now talk to you about.

Fiat, Topolino announcement causes discussion

On July 4, 2023 Fiat he was the protagonist of a double presentation, all based on electricity. On the same day, the 600e was launched, a B-segment SUV that will slowly replace the 500X, and also for the Topolino minivan, born on the same platform as the Citroen Amia car that focuses on young people, since it can be driven from the age of 14.

Fiat Topolino causes discussion
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Well, it is he who has angered those who are used to moving around on two wheels, especially on scooters, although it is more correct to say that the reason for this discussion was more than anything else the advertisements that were made to promote the product. In fact, in the picture above, we find a little rat between two scooterswith a catchy slogan: “Sorry, maxi motorcycle“.

Basically, from this picture it is clear how Fiat Topolino wants to launch a kind of challenge for scooters, with the hope of being able to change them step by step in the mobility of the city. The site gave a strong response to this content ““, who emphasized how the small electric car will never replace the scooter.

In terms of price, we are at the highest levels, considering that if you exclude incentives, this model still starts at 9,890 euros, which is certainly not too low. More than that, It is argued that parking is not as easy as one would like to believeand indeed, a car, even if it is very small in size, will always struggle to compete with a motorcycle.

Thanks to government incentives, the price of the Topolino drops to 7,544 euros, while scooters often cost half as much. Basically, Even a model as impressive as the Topolino will never be able to compete with a scooter on equal terms, but obviously only time will tell the impact this trend will have. Citroen Ami has done very well so far, and we will see what the car from the Turin company will do in the future.