Fighting climate change: Tesla stock: Bill Gates returns Musk to dispute over Tesla shorts |  information

Fighting climate change: Tesla stock: Bill Gates returns Musk to dispute over Tesla shorts | information

The feud between the Tesla boss and the founder of Microsoft has been going on for a long time
Musk criticizes Tesla’s Gates shorts
Bill Gates defends himself in a BBC interview

No love has been lost between Tesla boss Elon Musk and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Again and again there are small and large fights between the two spectators, with Musk often uttering different memes under the belt line. The feud between the two recently reached a new level when the CEO of Tesla Twitter accused Gates of shortening Tesla’s shares while claiming he was struggling with climate change.

At the heart of this is the rumor that the Microsoft founder sold Tesla short shares worth $ 500 million. Responding to the rumors, Musk asked Gates via private message if the rumors were true. The news was leaked and Musk confirmed it was true on the tweet.

The Microsoft founder then confirmed that he owns Tesla shorts and volunteered to work with Musk on charity projects, which Tesla CEO refused, according to leaked information, saying: “I’m sorry, but I can’t take your climate change donation to weight if they also have a very short position in Tesla, the company that does most to combat climate change. ”

Gates denies Elon Musk’s allegations

However, Gates has now denied the allegations in an interview with the BBC. When asked about the Tesla shorts he owned, the Microsoft founder replied: “It has nothing to do with climate change. I have ways and opportunities to change.” Accordingly, it is also incorrect that his short stance on Tesla would have a negative impact on the fight against climate change: “The popularity of electric cars will lead to more competition in selling these cars. So there is a difference between the acceptance of electricity. cars and companies whose evaluation is ongoing forever. ”

Bill Gates had calmed down about the insults he often received from the jack of all trades: “He doesn’t have to be nice to me”. However, the donor remained undecided about the possibility of grabbing Twitter by Tesla CEO: “You know, Elon, I think it’s possible that Twitter could be worse. But it could also be better, so my focus is to wait and see.” .

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