Finally Tromba revealed that he is talking to Friz!

Finally Tromba revealed that he is talking to Friz!

On Monday, the first meeting before Fame MMA 16 took place. Internet stars will fight in the Octopus already. November 5 in Arena Gliwice. The main fight of the evening will be Marcin Dubiel and Mateusz “Tromba” Trąbka.

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Tromba about the relationship with Friz

During the meeting, Sylwester Wardęga could not help but raise the topic of the Team. He directly asked Tromba if Ekipa’s house was over, or if the friendship with Friz (Karol Wiśniewski) was over.

Well, we don’t talk to each other, he said for the first time.

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However, he emphasized that it was not one situation that caused him not to speak today:

I mean, it wasn’t “I’m ending my friendship with you today, we don’t talk anymore”. We just differed in several aspects, and not only me, other people from the team, how to say, are on our side – said Mateusz.

Wardęga said that the audience of the team stayed more with Friza. In turn, the host of the gala, Boxdel, asked if Tromba felt hurt.

Yes. Not only that (financial things), there are a few things (ed. that made a difference) – replied Trąbka.

He added that he can say what his personal relationship is, because he will not be punished for it, but he will not discuss other topics.

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