First Review: The Ford Fiesta (2022) is still running well, but certainly not a business anymore

First Review: The Ford Fiesta (2022) is still running well, but certainly not a business anymore

There is a shortage of everything in the car world: chips, parts, batteries … that’s why the broom went through the Ford Fiesta column. Starting at the end of the 2022 summer season, it will be more expensive and will only be available as a small hybrid and as a fast ST-X. Fortunately, it still runs very well.

What’s so interesting about the Ford Fiesta (2022)?

Really, surprising is the big word for the cosmetic changes that Ford Fiesta received, following the Ford Focus. Now she seems to be happier. The corners of the grille bend and not down anymore, which does a lot for its appearance.

Other changes are also related to those of the raised Focus: the logo has been moved to the grille, the cap has been lifted, and the LED lights have been slightly dimmed. The rear lights were given a black frame.

What are the benefits of the Ford Fiesta?

At Ford, even in smaller models, you will have fun with the best driving qualities. Fiesta has an excellent balance between enjoyment and playfulness.

The engine is also a party number. There are actually two: a 1.0 liter turbo engine with 125 hp and a small electric motor. The Fiesta EcoBoost takes just 9.4 seconds to run up to 100 miles per hour and on the autobahn it can go hand in hand with cars that are bigger and more powerful. Flexibility is excellent, a maximum torque of 190 Nm (overboost: 230 Nm) is already available at 1400. One drawback: with the onset of cold you can hear three cylinders with emphasis, but at constant speeds it suffers again.

Nothing but features for seats, steering wheel and six-speed manual transmission (automatic seven-speed automatic transmission is optional).

What are the disadvantages of the Ford Fiesta (2022)?

Those who prefer to browse PDFs with long price lists will be disappointed. The Fiesta will be available only as an EcoBoost Hybrid (125 hp) and as an ST-X (200 hp) from August 2022. This has an impact on prices, which rise sharply (see question 4).

Additionally, you are not far behind comfortably, because the sloping roof sets the boundaries of the bedroom. We also have to wait a long time for the plugs, the electric Ford Fiesta will probably only come in 2026.

Je! Wondering how Ford will go through the ordeal in the car world?

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When will the Ford Fiesta come to the Netherlands and what is its price?

We have a sore there. If you want a cheap Fiesta, you should hope that the seller still has it in stock. The old 1.1 (75 hp), priced at 20,390 euros, will soon disappear from the price list. Just like 1.0 EcoBoost without a small hybrid, but with 100 hp.

Starting in the summer, the Fiesta in the Netherlands will only be available as a 125 hp EcoBoost Hybrid. It costs 24,825 euros and is therefore more expensive than major competitors such as the Renault Clio (19,790 euros) and Toyota Yaris (19,795 euros). The Volkswagen Polo alone (24,590 euros) is more expensive than the Ford Fiesta.

To alleviate this grief, we can report that all Fiestas are also available with automatic transmission. The most expensive ‘normal’ fiesta is the 1.0 EcoBoost ST-Line X with automatic transmission and costs 29,500 euros.

The Fiesta ST-X is a maverick with its 200 hp 1.5-liter engine. The price of this pocket rocket is 36,420 euros.

What do I think of the Ford Fiesta?

Will the Ford Fiesta continue to be interesting until 2026, the year in which the electric Fiesta is likely to succeed? It still runs well, but is expensive because of the cancellation of cheaper versions without minimal hybrid technology. The best place on the Fiesta is the driver’s seat, sitting in the back is not a pleasant thing …

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