Five things to consider in the headline of System E in Diriyah – Electricity

Five things to consider in the headline of System E in Diriyah – Electricity

FE is gearing up for the first doubleheader of the season in Diriyah. Let’s look at five things to consider for Rounds 5 and 6

January 25, 2023

StTwo weeks have passed since the launch of the new generation of electric seats System E, teams and pilots are busy interpreting the reactions and the pros/cons of these new electronic creatures still have to be investigated. Now, however, the 100% electric championship is preparing to return to the line with the first double-header of Season 9 a Diriyah, January 27 and 28. Let’s see what to keep an eye on.

1. Lights

Lhe Season 9 opens with a series of innovations aimed at renewing the ongoing and expanding championship. Those two Diriyah E-Prix they will be important to see Formula E in a new light. Indeed, this weekend’s events will be highlighted by the Saudi brand THE BASISwhich looks like new head sponsors of the whole weekend. It is definitely a promotion option based on the values ​​promoted by the championship, as a unit full of electricity plans to develop a sustainable solution: LEDs used to light the way significantly reduce electricity consumption.

Lighting plays a big role here in Diriyah, as a well lit circuit in the two expected races this season can have a big impact on the results. The events that will happen in Diriyah will, indeed, happen at night. This requires afull light which leaves no room for trial and error, also considering how the track is designed and the presence of a completely new generation of single-seaters that therefore still need to be explored. Lighting will be an important part of the successful recall of two important E-Prixes.


mcLaren is another of the many new features of the season and is set to be a feature to watch during the weekend. We face the first test of the team To work to launch in the electric championship and, although the team has no experience, the period chosen to test the new type is the same. Indeed, in front of the new generation of cars, the differences between the teams seem to be even.

Already from the first E-Prix, McLaren appeared to be a strong opponent, bringing the unexpected result of the two. It’s a case of Jake Hughes, who managed to finish fifth, five places ahead of reigning world champion Vandoorne on DS. A surprising result, considering that, as the English driver himself said at the beginning of the season “You can’t prepare for Formula E”. His partner René Rast, instead, he had to settle for eighteenth place. Which of these two results shows the quality of the team, and whether McLaren’s good position in Mexico with Hughes was early luck or a sign of something more, will be shown at the weekend in Diriyah.

3. No Fanaticism No Parties

THEThis weekend’s double selection will be made even more interesting byabsence of Fanboosts. In fact, the innovation that Formula E introduced since its inception and which allowed fans to influence the development of the race, by voting for your favorite driver and thus giving him extra power. This will lead to a different attitude on the part of the stables, used to be able to hope for “help from home” – in the real sense – which has failed.

The Mexican E-Prix was full of new things and took the form of a “dress rehearsal” for the teams and riders. In the event of Round 2 and 3, however, in Saudi Arabia it’s getting serious. Teams will have to learn different strategies to finish in first place, focusing more on battery life, and the extra races allowed by Attack Mode. In addition, drivers are called to get a position on the track and overtake and defend. Such performance is no mean feat, considering that in the all-electric category we find ourselves watching more riders closely on the track and in the championship. A back-to-back at the beginning of the season so what is needed to immediately explain those who are possible for the new season.

4. Comparison of generations

THEarrangement of Diriyah Circuit promises to be perfect for comparing Gen2 and Gen3 performance. With 21 laps and turns badly distributed along the track, especially with a sequence of corners to be taken at moderate speeds, it is important for drivers to be able to keep out of contact and use the new cars correctly. It will be interesting to examine the entire selection to make a comparison between “old and new”, according to the generations of the car.

Diriyahin fact, it is now a constant presence in the Formula E calendar since Season 5 which was, moreover, that of baptism of Gen2 vehicles. So it is possible to read and collect data to count two appointments in one circuit and see different strategies used, and the cars are placed under stress and a sequence of curves, to calculate the accuracy of the same data, like the selection in Saudi Arabia. it has always been at the beginning of the season, so the cars are still fully known.

5. Unknown reason for new entry

un another thing to keep an eye on this double-header will be a new entry character for the team ABT Cupra Formula E Team.

In fact, the season did not start in the right way Robert Frijns. Dutch driver, at the beginning of Mexico E-Prix was involved in an accident. Just one round into the new season, the ABT Cupra champion suffered an injury which forced him to leave his car seat alone. Frijns quarreled with Born Norman, and at first there seemed to be no consequences for either pilot. However, the Dutchman felt severe pain in his left hand, so much so that he went to the hospital in Mexico City, where he ended up in the intensive care unit and suffered several injuries, one of which was on his left palm.

ABT Cupra therefore he had to announce that in Saudi Arabia his place will be replaced by their reserve pilot Kelvin van der Linde who will run together Nico Mueller enough time for Frijns to get back on track. This presents itself as a great opportunity for the South African driver, who is called upon to test himself during an eventful weekend. That of January 27 and 28 has been classified as a rare back-to-back game, where van der Linde will be the least known to be considered.