Ford Transit Custom can be very good as an off-road camper

Ford Transit Custom can be very good as an off-road camper

( – VW California? A classic. Ford Nugget? Also. Then there is the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo or the Citroen Holiday. And we don’t even need to start listing all the other camper vans from convertibles here. There would still be no eye-catchers so lovely. That is why we would be delighted if Irmscher brings this unique dream to the market in exactly the same way.

Irmscher Special Spirit


According to the tuner, the new Ford Transit Custom forms “the perfect basis for a new car concept”. And that is why the specially established department of Irmscher Van Systems developed the same concept for the vehicle as a delivery. The result is the “Spirit” of the Irmscher Tradition. A powerful and compact camper van with an eye-catching color scheme.

Visually, with the light yellow/green color scheme, it appears that the “Spirit” is slightly wider compared to the standard Ford car and is also raised higher so that it does not stand on any terrain. . There is also a front spoiler lip, a front protection bar, circular step pipes, an extension of the rear apron and a rear spoiler, which should even have an additional aerodynamic function.

The 18-inch rims are fitted with off-road tires and the new “Cross Star Design” is available in black or with a color application. As an option, Irmscher also offers the “Heli Star Design” in black or a glossy version. A spare tire was also fitted to the rear. There is a support system and a light bar for the roof, which apparently can and should take into account additional bulky items.

The interior is decorated with the use of cameras. So there is a so-called “Irmscher I Box” on board, which is intended as a standard installation and removal system and combines sleeping, kitchen and bathroom modules.

Photo series: Irmscher Custom Spirit

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Although the tuner is currently evaluating whether a small model series should be launched, there is still good news. Almost all individual parts can already be purchased from any Irmscher dealer or online.

Source: Irmscher