Formula 1 – Ferrari criticizes race management for handling safety car phase

Formula 1 – Ferrari criticizes race management for handling safety car phase

Ferrari disagrees with how race control at the 2022 Italian Grand Prix in Monza handled the safety car phase just before the end. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto criticized those involved, saying: “We don’t understand why it took so long for the cars to pass between the safety car and the leader.”

Basically he understands the “perhaps difficult” starting position at the end of the race, when the McLaren MCL36 of Daniel Ricciardo stopped between the Lesmo curves on the edge of the track and was initially unable to move.

“However, I think we could have solved it better with the safety car so that the whole field would be ready for the restart. But that didn’t happen,” says Binotto. In fact, the race ended under yellow after the safety car left the track on the last lap. So all Max Verstappen had to do was cross the finish line.

Why does Binotto think the procedure is “bad”.

Binotto considers the situation, in which the race is no longer offered, to be “mistakes” in this particular case. He continues: “I think it would have been done better without changing the rules. The rules are there, but we have to use them better for the best performance in Formula 1.”

Binotto assures him that his criticism “is not about Ferrari and Tifosi” and is not a distraction from Ferrari’s defeat against Red Bull. “Because how would the race end if the safety car phase ended early? I don’t know Max [Verstappen] it was still the fastest car and had new tires.”

“I think in general we should try to end the safety car phases as soon as possible to give the drivers more time to monitor. And this time it was disappointing how long it took for that decision. [die FIA], we believe, has not done a good job. It has to be better because it’s not good for Formula 1.”

No one wants to break the law, but…

Mercedes sporting director Toto Wolff agrees with Binotto on this point. It could be faster, says Wolff on ‘Sky’, but basically Formula 1 race management should not blame itself for anything. Because: “He followed the rules and accepted that the race ended behind the safety car. That’s how it should be.”

Binotto doesn’t want to shake the law either. “That’s not the point,” he says. “The rules have been discussed a lot especially after Abu Dhabi last year, the FIA, Formula 1 and the teams have participated in the talks, we concluded that the current structure is probably the right one, and it will continue to be. So this time there is no topic of rules.”

“But I am certainly disappointed with the time it took to make a decision. The safety car cannot be the reason,” said the Ferrari team boss. He would like the cars to be sorted faster, which would make restarts more possible.

The FIA ​​gives a statement at the end of the race

Because one must not forget: “If you [am Safety-Car] they are allowed to pass, you cannot run around the track at full speed, because there is a limited time, which is also in the rules. This low time is there so that you can drive safely.” And this low time means more than anything: It takes time for the field to line up, and lapped at the end.

After all, Formula 1 did not have that much time in Monza because the end of the race had been reached. And the FIA ​​spokesman made it clear on Sunday evening: “The duration of the safety car phase within the race has no effect on this procedure.” In such a situation, the “single priority” is the safety of everyone involved, not crossing the finish line under the green.