Formula 1 teams want to limit 10 teams in the new Concorde Agreement to prevent entry of Andretti-Cadillac.

Formula 1 teams want to limit 10 teams in the new Concorde Agreement to prevent entry of Andretti-Cadillac.

Andretti has been struggling for a place on the Formula 1 grid for a long time!

Michael Andretti (via IMAGO)

In a commercial settlement, the FIA ​​gave permission for 12 F1 teams to compete in the sport, despite being charged a $200 million anti-dilution fee. To get more entries, the governing body started a bidding process, with Andretti being the only potential candidate.

However, Andretti’s attempt to enter F1 failed at the end of January. The decision-makers claimed that the Andretti team did not bring any additional value to the series and expressed doubts about the American team’s ability to compete, leading to their denial of entry.

The Concorde contract, which is scheduled to be signed from 2026 to 2030, has faced criticism for its potential to restrict performance and prevent the expansion of the national grid due to the increased value of F1 and its teams. According to a famous journalist, F1 and the teams intend to reduce the number of competitors to ten, thus requiring new participants to buy existing tickets to participate.

Despite recent setbacks, Andretti and General Motors remain optimistic about their Andretti Cadillac entry. The team’s competition is expected to strengthen in 2028 with the inclusion of General Motors’ power unit and significant financial support.

As mentioned earlier, in 2025 or 2026, Andretti and General Motors Cadillac made an initial attempt to join the national grid by completing the initial stages of the FIA ​​registration process, but their entry was rejected by the FOM. Furthermore, their second attempt to take Sauber and join the grid was also unsuccessful. However, Andretti did not give up on his F1 ambitions, as evidenced by the opening of his new facility at Silverstone.

After the opening of the new facility, the Andretti Group released an official statement!

Michael Andretti and his father recently leased a new factory built at Silverstone Park in Towcester, which is close to the Silverstone circuit and the Aston Martin F1 base. The 48,000 square foot facility will house Andretti Cadillac’s current 80-strong UK team. This marks an important step for the team, as the independent property provides an opportunity for the group to expand its operations and work on future entry possibilities.

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