Formula 1: The new Aston Martin AMR22

Formula 1: The new Aston Martin AMR22

for one it is Aston-Martin pre-race: The AMR22 is probably the most realistic car in Formula 1’s presentation to date. While Haas and Red Bull showed clean cars, Aston Martin boss Lawrence Stroll revealed the race car at the company’s headquarters in Gaydon, which is likely to be sent on track in a similar way during testing in Barcelona from February 23.

A short nose worked on the front wing, air vents on the side sticks, a different bulge in the rear: the new yellow-green racer is definitely more attractive than the fake racers from Red Bull and Co.

“The car has something of the future,” says Sebastian Vettel (34) and cheers: “I think it’s very good. In Formula 1, however, the following always applies: what’s fast is good!”

One thing is certain: the rule change for the 2022 season is an opportunity for the traditional British team of the former world champion Germany to reduce the gap to the top.

The new Aston Martin AMR22.

At Aston Martin, there is a special reason for this: “We can finally develop the car more this year,” Vettel says happily. “We didn’t do that for three quarters of the season last year.” Instead, they focused on 2022 earlier. The German grunts: “We hope that this will help us move forward. Either we have a car that is good from the start, or we can improve it. Actually, actually, both.”

Good for Aston Martin: everyone starts from scratch. And everyone first has to get used to the new racing cars. “It is expected that the cars will be faster,” explains Vettel. “Thanks to ground effect, we have more power in the fast corners and less in the slower ones. How does that work with the new tires can only be guessed at the moment. The car may be skidding faster and it is taking more time to catch the rear.”

Profit or loss for the four-time champion? He runs his fingers through his long mane and smiles: “Is that my thing or not? You always have to face it. That’s going to be art this year.”

Aston Martin also has a new team boss

The team also has to deal with internal restructuring. Team boss Otmar Szafnauer has left bmw Here comes Mike Krack. Vettel has already worked with the Luxemburger at BMW-Sauber. “I spoke to Mike briefly,” he reveals. “It felt like you never left. Back then, he always had a clear head, he worked with great organization and he had a desire to win.


Vettel is optimistic about the new Formula 1 season.

Vettel also had similar expectations – and still does. Therefore, its future will depend on the performance of AMR22. Background: The Treaty of Hesse ends. He doesn’t want to do another year in midfield – and he admits it openly. “First of all, we will see where we stand – and from a certain point I will start thinking about the future. After my success in the past, it should only be logical that I want to win. So my future will depend on that.”

The German is trying to see that for Aramco, of all things, Saudi Arabia’s international oil company is the new main sponsor of his green race. What else can he do? “Of course it’s obvious that oil companies in general are asking themselves how they want to shape the future,” he says and concludes. “It could be an opportunity to make an impact and change things for the better. It’s important that more needs to be done. Fossil fuels are going away – and soon.

On the other hand, the relationship between James Bond and Aston Martin is far from dead. Therefore, Vettel’s first green race was called “Honey Ryder”, like the first Bond Girl. It is not yet clear whether the tradition will continue with number two. “She doesn’t have to be a Bond girl,” admits Vettel. “But we’ll think of something good.”

In the end, the only thing that counts is that the car is fast. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or what it’s called.