Foxborough: Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) gewinnt, Vialle P3 / US-Supercross Lites Ost

Foxborough: Haiden Deegan (Yamaha) gewinnt, Vialle P3 / US-Supercross Lites Ost

With a start-to-finish victory, Star Racing Yamaha factory rider Haiden Deegan earned his second win of the season. He beat championship leader Cameron McAdoo and Red Bull KTM factory rider Tom Vialle.

Round 6 of the US East Coast Championship at Foxborough: Tournament of Stars Yamaha Factory driver Papa Deegan he won the final race ahead of France’s Red Bull KTM Work driver Tom Viale along with two factory Kawasaki riders Cameron McAdoo and Seth Hammer. Hammer flew into the area Wow! over the handle and had to finish the race injured.

Tom Viale it can P2 Hold it for three rounds, but you fought it Traction problems then he had to be the leader of the league Cameron McAdoo to accept defeat, which had consequences for the state of the table, because McAdoo had a narrow lead of only 2 points before the race Viale.

Deegan He did not make a mistake and kept his Movement until the end. He won by 4.1 seconds McAdoo, Viale and Pierce Brown. ‘Dangerboy’ Deegan improved from fourth in the table with his second win of the season P3. But things remain complicated on the table: McAdoo leads after 6 out of 9 races with a 4 point lead over Tom Viale and Papa Deegan.

The Schneeberger Dominique Thury finish qualifying P40. Round 7 of the East Coast Championships will take place next week Nashville instead of.

250 results SX East Foxborough

1. Papa Deegan (USA), Yamaha
2. Cameron McAdoo (USA), Kawasaki
3. Tom Viale (F), KTM,
4. Pierce Brown (USA), GASGAS
5. Scope Auntie (GB), Honda
6. Coty Shock (USA), Yamaha
7. Daxton Bennick (USA), Yamaha
8. Jalek Swelling (USA), Victory
9. Marshall Weltin (USA), Yamaha
10. Henry Miller (USA), Honda

22. (DNF) Seth Hammer (USA), Kawasaki

250 championship standings SX East after Event 6:

1. Cameron McAdoo (USA), Kawasaki, 120 Pt.
2. Tom Viale (F), KTM116, (-4)
3. Papa Deegan (USA), Yamaha107, (-13)
4. Pierce Brown (USA), GASGAS, 105, (-15)
5. Coty Shock (USA), Yamaha95, (-25)
6. Daxton Bennick (USA), Yamaha86, (-34)
7. Scope Auntie (GB), Honda, 79, (-41)
8. Seth Hammer (USA), Kawasaki, 72, (-48)
9. Jalek Swelling (USA), Victory, 72, (-48)
10. Space Hymas (USA), Honda, 70, (-50)

38. Dominique Thury (D), Kawasaki, 2, (-118)