Future Alfa Romeo: Electric Giulia and Stelvio in the pipeline

Future Alfa Romeo: Electric Giulia and Stelvio in the pipeline

“My mission is to save this brand and grow it sustainably,” said Alfa Romeo boss Jean-Philippe Imparato in a traditional year-end press conference in mid-December 2023. In almost three years since the parent company of Alfa Stellantis. was founded, Team and was able to turn the result of losses in the range of three million into profits of the same size. But the manufacturer has more power. Alfa Romeo, as Imparato said at the car’s presentation a few months earlier, “has the potential to become a Stellantis international brand.”

To achieve this, the Frenchman wants to fundamentally overhaul the product portfolio before the last third of the current decade begins. To do this, he relies on new electric platforms from the Stellantis Group (a merger between Fiat-Chrysler and PSA), a new (retro) design and the restoration of legendary models. From 2024, the traditional brand will strengthen its series under the slogan: “From 2024, Alfa Becomes Alfa e-Romeo”.

A team of 49 experts is working on Alfa Romeo’s new strategy. This also includes a new design boss, which Imparato had to compete with. Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos left Renault in the summer of 2021, where he was responsible for the Dacia and Lada brands for just a few months. He previously made the Leon, Arona, Ateca and Tarraco for Seat. However, the new team had little influence on the new Italian debut model.

Alfa Romeo Milan

This is designed under the code name “Baby” in the form of a small SUV. This model was previously known as the Brennero, but the brand has announced that it will be called the Milano. The third SUV after the Stelvio and Tonale will be presented in April 2024, will come to the market in September and will roll off the assembly line in Poland (Tychy plant), where the Fiat 600e and Jeep Avenger are also built. The Milano is temporarily based on the CMP and e-CMP architecture, which will not be replaced by the STLA Sub-platform until 2026. Many models such as the Peugeot 2008 and Opel Mokka are already built on it.

The Milano has a 126 hp hybrid drive, but it is also the first model of the electric series. For front-wheel drive only, it relies on a 156 hp electric motor and a 54 kWh battery, which should ensure a range of around 400 km. There will also be performance versions with all-wheel drive – and therefore a greater possibility of two motors of electricity. According to Imparato, it has not yet been decided whether a hot version of the “Quadrifoglio Verde” will follow.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo has been producing the Giulia since 2016 and the Stelvio SUV since 2017. Both models are still based on the old Giorgio platform and are currently in the final phase of their product cycles. According to Imparato, the next generations are currently being developed, built as before in the factory in the Italian city of Cassino, and will change based on the STLA-Large. Initially, this was created by Peugeot, it is predetermined for models in segment D – (upper) middle class – and allows only electric drives as well as combustion engines including hybrids.

An all-electric Giulia is expected to launch in 2026 – and possibly in full mass. As Imparato confirmed, the E-Giulia is based on three performance variants. Starting with the 350 hp base version, this is followed by the 800 hp Veloce version. The top model is a tough Giulia with QV ID and around 1,000 hp. The all-wheel drive sportster borrows a set from the Maserati Granturismo Folgore, so it comes with an electric motor on the front axle and two electric drives at the rear. The battery capacity should be around 100 kWh, as shown in the Peugeot Start study.

The electric Giulia is of course also based on the large STLA platform and is good for ranges of up to 800 km. According to Imparato’s previous information, the Giulia QV should offer a range of around 400 km. Although the batteries come from the Stellantis/Saft ACC joint venture ( Automotive Cell Co.), the electric motors come from Nidec’s Japanese distributor. Alfa wants to save the chassis and steering from the Giorgio platform. In addition, Imparato plans to integrate the two Italian brands Alfa and Maserati more closely in development and engineering as well as in sales and service.

Both the Giulia and the Stelvio are offered as electric models and hybrid versions. Until these new cars are launched, both will continue to be built with combustion engines.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio will also be launched as an electric-only model on the Grand STLA platform in the second half of 2025, with powertrains based on the Giulia electric model. The Stelvio is also the first model with the new electronic architecture and software “STLA Brain” as well as the “STLA Smart Cockpit”, an operating system that can be destroyed and can be updated in space. As with its predecessor, the SUV series is expected to follow its sedan sister a year later. And it should be a typical Alfa in terms of look and feel, although Imparato himself has high demands for his brand: “We have to be sharp in our position, sporty and Italian.” The brand also wants to continue to offend its quality and at the same time returns, which, according to the CEO, is more important than just increasing the level of sales.

Alfa Romeo with a luxury e-limousine

According to reports, there will also be a luxury and electric sedan on the big STLA platform that could stand in for the Porsche Taycan or Mercedes EQS from 2027. The boss of Alfa sees this body shape further in terms of range: “This body type it will come back,” says Imparato, who rules out the possibility of Alfa Romeo turning into a pure SUV brand. Accordingly, the slim and space-shaped model can have a range of more than 500 km. The 100 kWh battery from Initiation should also be used here.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

In the summer of 2023, Alfa Romeo presented a sports car that is intended to recall the legendary T33 Stradale from 1967 not only visually but also in name. The model, which will be built from June 2024 (see image gallery), was probably designed as a swansong for the combustion engine, and is said to be sold out before its debut. The 33 Stradale is “ideal for everyday use, classic, very attractive and instantly recognizable as an Alfa Romeo,” says Imparato. But Super Alfa is based on an unknown platform and not on the STLA modular system.

Alfa Romeo 33 electric sports car

However, with a small limited series of only 33 cars – at a unit price of at least three million euros – the athlete fulfills more than an image mandate; His job is not to make a sustainable profit. In the future, more realistic sports cars will be entrusted with this role. Imparato leaves no doubt that these are planned for the future model portfolio: “We will give GTV and Duetto fans answers, that’s for sure,” the brand boss makes clear. In the future, we can expect a series of electric coupé and roadster from Alfa Romeo, even if the Italians have not yet revealed anything tangible about this topic.

Alfa Romeo Castello

The brand is planning another SUV from 2027: Alfa Romeo Castello. The brand’s fourth SUV is being launched as a competitor to the X5 and GLE based on the STLA Grand platform and is likely to make its debut as an electric vehicle only. However, it is not certain whether Alfa’s larger SUV will carry the Castello name, although the model name would fit well in the lineup. The first two SUVs (Stelvio and Tonale) were named after famous mountain passes in the Alps. The visitor’s name would refer to Castello Sforzesco, a castle in the old city of Milan. And the birthplace of the brand is already represented by the new Milano SUV, which is why the Castello (“castle” in Italian) would close the circle.

The boss of Alfa Romeo Imparato is rebranding and bringing tough electric models to the market. While Alfas have yet to put a dent in conventional combustion engines, the Giulia with up to 1,000 hp, a small SUV, an electric Stelvio and a Taycan competitor are already on the way. There will also be a large SUV to compete with the X5 and GLE. There are also many other rumors about the new Mito as well as the GTV and Spider. At least the latter two seem to have solid plans if we interpret Imparato’s latest statements correctly.