Genesis Magma: The Nobel brand introduces the power department

Genesis Magma: The Nobel brand introduces the power department

Genesis, the premium subsidiary brand of the Hyundai Group, is entering the high-performance business. The formation of the new label Genesis Magma has now been announced. To underline the sporting claims, racing legend Jacky Ickx was also introduced as a consultant.

Optics, chassis and lifted car

The Magma game stamp will be available for all Genesis series in the future. The Koreans show what Magma customers can expect with the GV60 Magma Concept presented in New York. Improved battery and motor technology is promised, which should lead to higher performance of the electric model. However, Genesis does not provide any specific values. Visual changes are more noticeable. The wide track and the lowered body, together with the newly studied chassis, should ensure a stable road.

A new front apron with larger air intakes creates more cooling air for the battery, engine and brakes. The spoiler lip and additional flaps increase the down force on the front axle. Adapted to a wide track, wheel arch extensions can be seen on both wheel arches. The ventilation slots at the back emphasize the sporty appeal. The wheel arches are filled with aerodynamically shaped 21-inch alloy rims. The small roof spoilers are intended to increase directional stability, while the wing on the trunk lid increases downforce on the rear axle. The sporty look is rounded off with a rear apron and diffuser insert. In keeping with the Magma approach, the GV60 is presented in magma orange.

The passion for sports does not end in the interior. Here you will find bucket seats and backrests in car color with a combination of nappa and suede upholstery. Accents are provided by the design of two smooth cut diamonds in Magma’s signature orange and titanium grey.

In addition to the GV60 Magma Concept, three other cars from the Magma program were shown in New York: the GV80 Coupe Concept, the G80 Magma Special and the X Gran Berlinetta Concept. It all depends on the scope of the GV60 equipment.

The view of a large hybrid car?

The G80 Magma Special will be launched in the Middle East as a special edition model. The X Gran Berlinetta Concept was shown in December 2023 as a study of the Gran Turismo racing simulation. The two elongated, low-slung seats rely on a V6 combustion engine from the Lambda engine family, which is placed neatly behind the front axle. Transfer or charging concepts are not mentioned, but impressive performance data is provided. The combustion engine, which can spin up to 10,000 rpm, is said to have 870 hp and a maximum of 1,070 Nm of torque. Additional power is provided by an electric motor with 201 hp and up to 266 Nm of torque. The Koreans state the power of the system as 1,071 hp and a maximum of 1,337 Nm. There is a lot of speculation about whether the game console research related to Magma could possibly lead to an actual sports car.

Magma models will be presented to a wider audience at the New York Auto Show starting at the end of March.

Genesis G70Genesis G80

Genesis launches its sports label, Magma. In the future, all series will be updated with the corresponding Magma variants. It is not yet known if the hybrid super sports car with more than 1,000 hp that was shown again as part of the Magma presentation could be a real prototype.