GLS Bank Annual Meeting 2023: the love of daring in business – Economy and Volkswagen – News

GLS Bank Annual Meeting 2023: the love of daring in business – Economy and Volkswagen – News

Bochum (ots) – Can you say “business” and “love” in the same sentence without sounding funny? More than 1000 members of GLS Bank agreed: We will. Because that is the only way we can achieve sustainable evolution.

The green politician Bärbel Höhn found clear words at the RuhrCongress in Bochum: “In just 70 years we have managed to bring our planet to the limit of its habitable capacity!” The former Minister of Agriculture of NRW was a panelist at the GLS Bank Annual Meeting 2023. He appealed to the 60+ generation. “We have the skills, we have a little time and money. We will be needed again! The next six to ten years will be important,” said Höhn, referring to the climate crisis.

The financial sector has an important role to play in the transition – a key issue for GLS Bank. In his opening speech, CEO Aysel Osmanoglu referred to this week’s study by the World Commission ( Grenz-uebertritten-zerstoerung-1.5892878). So seven of the eight planetary boundaries have been crossed. This is the result of an economy that is designed to maximize profits. The basic idea behind economics is the satisfaction of needs. “The social market economy has met many needs, there is no question about that. But now we see that the way we do business – that is, the existing capitalism – has exceeded this goal,” said Aysel Osmanoglu. “We have to start questioning and expanding the system.”

And with love instead of striving to gain profit in the economy. It can mean many things: solidarity and equality in business relations, equal opportunities, diversity and justice. Maike Sippel, Professor of Sustainable Economics at the University of Konstanz, explained why these qualities are missing in business. “We have to get away from preaching to increase profits in the economy.”

money for basic needs

GLS Bank board member Dirk Kannacher claimed: “We have to be role models as well as set an example of sustainability.” This is what the employees of the socio-ecological bank try to do every day. With shares and cooperative deposits, GLS Bank promotes only basic human needs: organic farming, affordable housing, energy transition, education, care and a sustainable economy. In addition, GLS Bank is also politically involved and advocates for better conditions for a sustainable economic system. Those ideas and confidence were celebrated by members of the credit union, which owns itself. They show that another (banking) world is possible.

For your calendar: The bank celebrates its 50th anniversary on 1 and 2 June 2024.

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