GM is planning an electric pickup on the Montana to catch the Ford Maverick

GM is planning an electric pickup on the Montana to catch the Ford Maverick

Design studio for electric cars obtained from General Motorsin Michigan (USA) could be the starting point for another important brand launch Chevrolet. That’s what the American website says Automotive News, who had access to the site. There was a low-cost pickup ready with the test mule. Reports indicate that it is an unprecedented electric image of medium size new montana and S10.

As is known, GM plans to skip the hybrid and, therefore, move directly to 100% electric vehicles – as Bolt and Silverado EV, for example. In this sense, the new pickup should start in the United States to compete with ford maverick in the electrical section. However, it is worth remembering that the presentation model has a hybrid drive.

Wagner Aquino/Jornal do Carro

Well, it seems, GM hopes to make a kind of clinic with the model. The publication says that the executives responsible for managing the project said that the automaker’s intention, at this time, is to get a feel for the new pickup. So there isn’t much detail or a timeline with next steps.


The electric truck shown as a prototype in the GM design studio has only two doors. However, it is not said whether it is a single or extended cabinet. The bucket, on the other hand, looks smaller than that of the Brazilian Montana, at 1.68 meters. The room is about 1.30 meters. The idea is that the model costs less than 30,000 US dollars – equivalent to R$ 154,200 in direct conversion. As a base, the Maverick costs more than $20,000 (R$102,000).

In the image, the pickup is described by the publication as a “futuristic and sporty” vehicle. The website classifies it as a smaller model than the Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Hyundai Santa Cruz

Respondents reported that the truck is “small” by North American standards. There, the client is used for examples such as, for example, Jeep Gladiator. All, finally, with four doors. But, according to GM executives, everything is subject to change, including the platform and features of the future truck.

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