He has been building his BMW for 1.5 years.  The car still won’t go

He has been building his BMW for 1.5 years. The car still won’t go

Mr. Dariusz presented his BMW 3 F30 with a crash cup. That sounds like a big deal, but such failures usually clear up in the worst cases within a few weeks. Mr. Dariusz has been waiting for a car for 1.5 years. The case was referred to the prosecutor’s office.

– About 1.5 years ago I bought it BMW F30 from 2012. It had 97 thousand. km, I paid about 60 thousand. zlotys. I drove it for half a year, maybe 7 months and the cup started to knock – said then Mr. Dariusz Jodłowski. After inspection, it turned out that the engine needed to be repaired. The repair was done by a technician from Lubin.

– At the end of the second month I started to know how the renovation was progressing and there were problems. He said it is not ready yet, it is being repaired, soon it will be back to two in a week. And so since then, all the time, week after week, from Friday to Friday – explained Jodłowski.

The case goes to the prosecutor’s office, which prohibits the investigation

When we read in polsatnews.pl In February, Mr. Dariusz sent a report to the prosecutor’s office, but the prosecutor’s office quickly decided that the technician’s actions did not bear the hallmarks of a crime and dropped the case. The man appealed against this decision, but learned that it will not be considered because he was not … a member of it. The prosecutor, for some reason, identified the owner of the garage as the owner of the car.

However, now the prosecutor’s office in Lubin explains: “During the trial, there were serious doubts about the identity of the victim (who is the victim / owner of the car), so the supervising prosecutor refused to accept the complaint, and after adding of the party in this matter, he ordered the service of the side of the decision. (…) At the moment, the case has not been legally terminated.”

“I don’t want this car anymore”

The car is currently outside. I don’t look closely, I’m just driving through the car wash, I’ll look and move on, because there’s no need to talk to this person. There is only a cabin on wheels – says Robert Jodłowski, father of Dariusz Jodłowski.

When we read more in the report, it turns out that the mechanic is very generous that he allows the car to be taken from the square. There is one problem though. “If they wanted, they can remove it at any time, unless it’s stripped. I’m not stopping them. It’s all there, it’s all there.” But why does a distributed BMW need to be left unattended for almost two years under a cloud?

When reading this story, the hair bristles on the head. We wish Mr. Dariusz a happy ending to this story!

Source: polsatnews.pl/Interwencja