He was afraid of the police and fled on a motorcycle [WIDEO]

He was afraid of the police and fled on a motorcycle [WIDEO]

20:13, 04/24/2023
Updated: 20:26, 04/24/2023

On April 22, in Mielżyno (Witkowo district), officers from the Gniezno Speed ​​group​​​​, established to fight aggressive and dangerous behavior on the road, discovered a motorcyclist whose car did not have license plates.

The officers signaled the driver to stop, turning on the lights and sounding signals that ordered him to stop for inspection. At first the driver slowed down, when he started to move, the police followed the motorcyclist who left the paved road and entered the dirt road and then entered the field.

The police chased the motorcyclist it didn’t take long, the man left the bike in the green area and tried to escape on foot. The police officers took advantage of the opportunity and immediately ran out of the police car and arrested the fugitive.

It turned out, the 24-year-old motorcycle driver was running away because he did not have a license to drive a motorcycle and he admitted that when he saw the patrol he was afraid that he might get the consequences of his recklessness. In addition, the condition of the motorcycle needs clarification, as the man claims that he bought it two weeks ago, but did not show the relevant documents.

The motorcycle was secured in the parking area. A 24-year-old boy for driving without a license and failing to stop for inspection will be fined, banned from driving and imprisoned for up to 5 years.

Source: KPP Gniezno