He will have his car blessed and end up hanging in the temple!

He will have his car blessed and end up hanging in the temple!

A Thai driver, seeking the blessing of his car, hit a temple, shrine and several cars. Find the causes of the accident

When he had bought a new one BMWa Thai motorist he saw fit to have his car blessed in a Buddhist temple. It was taken very badly from him, as he lost control of his car and he came to hit three cars parked in the middle of Bangkok and the altar!

The temple cuts its way

This is common in Thailand. Many Buddhists go to the temple to have their new cars blessed by a monk for good luck and protection from accidents. It seems that something must be wrong with the practice of this man’s religion. Indeed, this unhappy driver it clashed with the temple and altar just before it gained popular protection.

The accident happened at Wat Sarod, in the district of Panya Burana in Bangkokon New Year’s Eve the 31st. It was quickly informed, the police arrived at the scene at 7:30 am and could see the damage.

The 53-year-old man involved has been identified. This is known as “Chatchai”. He told the police that he had bought his car the day before and quickly drove to the temple to receive the abbot’s blessing.

Brake problem

After announcing that he had stopped to ask the way to the abbot’s room, the driver of the accident made sure that. brake his BMW he had a breakdown while driving his car.

After the brakes were released, he led car away from people as possible, according to Chatchai.

But his car hit a van and two sedans, before crashing into an altar near the hall’s entrance.

Fortunately the car did not fall into the hall, otherwise things could have been worse “, say the driverobviously not bothered much.

Police summoned Chatchai and the owners of the damaged vehicles for questioning as part of the investigation. Fortunately, no injuries were reported this story will go around town for a long time.

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