Heerenveen GP: Markus Jell wants to improve further / Ice Speedway GP

Heerenveen GP: Markus Jell wants to improve further / Ice Speedway GP

After 6th place last year, Markus Jell is in 7th place after the first race of the World Championship in Inzell, just one point behind fifth place. The Bavarian still wants to achieve that in Heerenveen.

Markus Jell finished two days of racing in the first two races of the World Championship in Inzell with ten points each from five races. While the points on Saturday were enough for sixth place, Jell ended up eighth on Sunday with the same result.

For the Ice Speedway World Championship this meant eleven and nineteen points and a total of 20 points in the World Championship account and 7th place after the first two races. “I didn’t go to Inzell with the idea of ​​going to the final,” says the Bavarian, looking back on the World Championship weekend there, “I just wanted to give everything I could in every race and then do it. So close to the final, it surprised even me, I admit that honestly .”

Jell has set higher goals for the GP in Heerenveen and wants to do better on the Thialf Stadium than in Inzell. “Now it’s a new race and I’m setting new goals for myself and you always have to set them a little higher, so my goal now is to get to the final,” said Jell.

With good results he could also improve in the general ranking. Jell: “The top four is over if nothing bad happens. But I’m still aiming for fifth place, and if I can do that, I’d be completely satisfied with the season, even though there were a few races.”

The World Cup participants begin training on Friday morning ahead of the race for the Roelof Thijs Cup, where the second defender will be used extensively. “In training we make sure we get a good coordination like in Inzell. Then it’s a long wait before we start again on Saturday evening,” says Jell, explaining how he plans to approach the last race of the ice speed season.

Ice Speedway World Championship, standings after 2 of 4 races:

1. Martin Haarahiltunen (S), 36 points
2. Aki Ala-Riihimäki (FIN), 34
3. Max Niedermaier (D), 34
4. Heikki Huusko (FIN), 32
5. Franz Zorn (A), 21
6. Stefan Svensson (S), 21
7. Markus Jell (D), 20
8. Jimmy Hörnell Lidvalk (S), 18
9. Max Koivula (FIN), 18
10. Jimmy Olsen (S), 13
11. Jasper Iwema (NL), 11
12. Charlie Ebner (A), 9
13. Andrej Divis (CZ), 8
14. Hans Weber (D), 7
15. Christoph Kirchner (D), 4
16. Franz Mayerbüchler (D), 3
17. Benedikt Monn (D), 3
18. Maximilian Niedermaier (D), 0