Honda does not hide: the goal is clear from the perspective of 2026

Honda does not hide: the goal is clear from the perspective of 2026

Honda intends to launch a partnership with Aston Martin in 2026 already with the intention of attacking the world title.

Despite ruling with Red Bull for the past three seasons, Honda has absolutely no intention of stopping winning. Even in 2026, the year that The partnership with Aston Martin will begin with the supply of new hybrid Power Units, which will see a significant increase in electrical power due to the destruction of endothermic power and the advent of new principles, The Japanese company still intends to attack the title.

Honda Aston Martin 2026
Honda doesn’t hide: it aims to hit the big time in 2026 with Aston Martin © Aston Martin

Honda wants the title with Aston Martin as early as 2026

Interviewed by, HRC president Koji Watanabe made the goal clear: “Be the world champion from 2026 onwards. We know that it will be very difficult and that it is not that easy, but we need good targets to do our best with Aston Martin.”

“For this reason, together with Stroll and Toshihiro Mibe (CEO and president of Honda editor.) we set the goal of aiming for the world championship that year.

However, ambition must also collide with reality, which in this case means facing established manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Mercedes, while the combination with Aston Martin will certainly take time before it succeeds: “No it’s so easy,” Watanabe added.

“Probably we are missing something right now, but we need to tell ourselves what is missing. From Aston Martin’s point of view, What Honda is missing and what Aston Martin is missing. It’s an honest conversation about being a better team together.”

Continuing the interview, the Japanese admitted that he was very impressed by Lawrence Stroll’s desire to succeed, who has repeatedly emphasized his desire to make Aston Martin a top team: “Honda was very pleased with Mr Stroll’s passion and strong leadership to fight for the title in 2026.”

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“They invested a lot of money to set up a factory in Silverstone. We went to visit them to see the factory under construction. We had several meetings with Martin Whitmarsh and Mike Krack, then with the management team. They are very open and the whole team works in one direction, it is a united team. It’s a great picture for us.”

Especially because of this, Honda knows very well that it can make a big contribution to the cause of the English team: “At the same time, they think that Honda is a good partner to become world champions.”
“We have already established a technical working group and also a meeting of the leadership committee to discuss important issues that maybe we can improve on.”

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