Honda joins forces with Aston Martin to cancel old feud with Alonso: The past is the past

Honda joins forces with Aston Martin to cancel old feud with Alonso: The past is the past

Honda will supply engines to Aston Martin from 2026, the deal has become official. During the announcement, Honda also had to talk about Fernando Alonso, who in the past was very critical of the Japanese manufacturer.

What was missing was the official status that now exists. There Honda officially returns to Formula 1 with full rights, even if in fact the Japanese company did not officially leave, given that after winning the title in 2021 it continued to work with Red Bull. But from 2026, Honda will say goodbye to the Austrian team, which has already agreed with Ford, and will supply the engine to Aston Martin, which therefore continues to ‘imitate’ Red Bull.

Aston Martin so after 2025 he will leave the partnership with Mercedes. Honda will have the opportunity to work all these years to improve its technology for electric motors and batteries in Formula 1 with the aim of transferring them to road cars. It will take time, two and a half championships, before we see Honda and Aston Martin, which, however, is waiting to find success again on the track – Alonso has already reached the podium four times – continues to prepare for the hunt. the world of the name.

Original words of honey during the official announcement. Lawrence Stroll, executive chairman of Aston Martin F1, said: I would like to welcome Honda and HRC to the Aston Martin team. We share the same passion, determination and desire to succeed on the track. Honda is a behemoth and its success in motorsport is timeless and impressive. I would like to thank Mibe and Watanabe and HRC for the bright future that awaits us from 2026.”

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Then it was the turn of Toshihiro MibeHonda’s global manager said: “One of the main reasons why we decided to accept this new challenge in F1 is the choice to be a sustainable series, in line with the goals we pursue to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, the platform will facilitate the development of electrification technology. We believe that the knowledge we will gain in this challenge The new can be used directly in the production of our future series of electric vehicles. Honda and Aston Martin share the same determination to win. Together we will try to win the title of world champion, like Aston Martin Aramco Honda.”

There are no roses without thorns. In this case the plug has a name and a name and that’s it Fernando Alonso, who for almost 42 years still surprisingly shows all his talent. The Spaniard has signed a two-year contract and has already made it clear that he wants to go further and if so he may find himself driving a car with a Honda engine.

And for the Japanese house, in the past, the time of McLaren, the two-time world champion had terrible words. The “Gp2 Engine”, namely the GP2 engine (now Formula 2), is part of the sport’s recent history. Heavy criticism of Alonso in the times of Formula 1, but also in those in which he drove the Indianapolis 500.

Honda remembers all of that, but he completely erased that episode and those words. Mibe said: “The past is the past. Alonso is a top talent and we have a lot of respect for him as a driver.” Koji Watanabe, president of Honda Racing Corporation then further praised the Spanish rider: Alonso is a genius as a driver, we respect him a lot.

So it’s all closed, the past is the past. But one day, even the future of someone like Fernando may be in doubt, considering his age and Honda’s passion. have a Japanese pilot driving an Aston Martin.