How much does a new premium car cost?  DS Automobiles cheapest offers price list: March 2022 |

How much does a new premium car cost? DS Automobiles cheapest offers price list: March 2022 |

DS Automobiles is the first brand of the Stellantis group. Its cars are known for their refined style and design, the very high quality of materials used in the interior and driving comfort. At the same time, it offers drives that everyone will find something for themselves, with power from 130 to 360 HP, including rechargeable hybrids. So how much does such a luxury car cost?

The market of premium brands in Poland, apart from DS Automobiles, includes companies such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Volvo. Among them, DS Cars stand out, above all, for its great appearance, refined design, high comfort and quality of materials. DS are cars for people who seek comfort and beauty bordering on art. The avant-garde spirit, the brand’s motto, perfectly reflects what its cars are all about. They stand out and it is not surprising that our clients include artists, people of culture and art, doctors and freelancers.

The cheapest offer in the DS Cars range mock DS 3 Crossback. This city car has a stylish, powerful crossover silhouette and its styling highlights include: Retractable handles. The driver sits high, the suspension is good and there are standard and 100% electric versions to choose from. The price of DS 3 Crossback starts at PLN 106,200. We tested such a car and we are impressed by the comfort, stability, and great looks.

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The latest model in the DS Cars range is DS 4. This luxury city car not only impresses with its modern silhouette, but also with the redesigned interior, full of luxurious materials such as leather and brushed steel. It’s very comfortable and the 225-horsepower car offers a great driving experience, more on that later. We had the opportunity to find out during the tests. The rechargeable battery under the hood of the DS 4 allows you to drive only on electricity, which significantly reduces fuel consumption. The price of DS 4 starts at PLN 119,400.

The most popular vehicle in the DS range of cars is the SUV – DS 7 Crossback. Its price starts from PLN 181,200. The car was very successful in Europe and is very popular, among others. in France and Germany and in Poland the number of users of this model is constantly growing. We’ve had the 180 HP petrol version in our editorial office since last autumn and we’re very pleased with this car. We come back with great pleasure every time. More articles about DS 7 can be found here. DS 7 is a comfortable and luxurious car, which gives its owner a lot of pleasure.

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The most expensive car in the DS Automobiles offer is luxury DS 9 limousine. The car impressed us with its spaciousness and comfort – we tested the DS 9, among others: on long routes. The price of this car starts from PLN 221,400.

Addresses of DS Automobiles showrooms you will find it here.

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