Im Tested: Audi A4 Avant (2024)

Im Tested: Audi A4 Avant (2024)

The Audi A4 Avant is a standard station wagon. However, the current generation has been around for several years. But this also has its advantages, as our experience shows. We tested the A4 Avant 45 TFSI quattro with 265 hp and all-wheel drive.

What is he:

As is well known, Audi attaches the additional name “Avant” to its station wagons. With a length of 4.76 meters, the A4 Avant fits in the middle class of cars and in the premium segment. Competitors are called BMW 3 Series touring, Mercedes C-Class T-Model or Volvo V60. A4 is no longer clean. The current, fifth generation has been built since 2015, the last major upgrade took place in 2019. This does not affect the popularity of the A4; no other Audi model sold better in 2023.

What he looks like:

No old man. As far as looks are concerned, Audi’s tried-and-tested strategy of talking about stylish but short-lived appeal and relying instead on timelessness pays off. The A4 Avant has a quiet elegance, which is also played subtly but effectively in the S-line style, for example with the radiator grille in a honeycomb design, the extended sill edge, the small S-Line emblems and the wide 245/40 tires R. 18.

A4 cockpit: Analog and digital controls in a smart coexistence.

How it is installed:

Five years – remember, that’s how long it has been since the last update – can age the cockpit architecture even faster than the exterior. But here too A4 has remained until now. And he even benefits from the fact that his operating concept was not just targeted yesterday. We can’t imagine a better combination of digital and analog components. On the one hand, there are high-resolution “Virtual Cockpit” screens that can be configured in different ways behind the steering wheel and the infotainment touchscreen, which – if well designed – provides all possible information. Smartphones charge inductively and connect wirelessly via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and the voice assistant is responsive. On the other hand, it is a great advantage not to have to monitor the climate control functions, including heated seats and steering wheel, in the sub-menus. The same applies to moderation. Or the ingenious height adjustment of the head-up display, which can be carried out using a small button on the left side of the steering wheel. You click, turn and enjoy on A4.

The car also scores points for comfort thanks to its carefully selected materials, excellent construction that doesn’t allow for any rattles or bumps, and excellent seating furniture.

How many spaces does it have:

Very smart, front and rear, the A4 Avant passes long-distance comfort tests with confidence. However, he cannot distinguish himself as a cargo handler. With a capacity of 495 to 1495 liters, its luggage compartment is large enough, but not very impressive. What’s nice, though, is that the cargo area lid moves up or down automatically when the tailgate is opened and closed. And the low loading sill makes loading easier than any SUV can.

What drives him:

The A4 Avant 45 TFSI quattro is powered by a 195 kW/265 hp two-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine, which is integrated into a 12-volt mild hybrid system. A seven-clutch transmission (S tronic) transfers the drive power to all four wheels.

How it works:

Just as it doesn’t look half as powerful as it looks, the 265-hp Avant also shows off its performance potential not with boastful noises, but in a discreetly developed way. The driver is also aware of the horsepower at the rear, which – when called upon – causes the Ingolstadt station wagon to rush easily and even develop power. However, cooperation with S-tronic is not always characterized by perfect harmony. Alternatively, you can flip through the gear levels using the rocker switches. 100 km / h is a thing of the past after 5.7 seconds, and the electric stops at 250 km / h.

Our test car was equipped with a sport suspension and damping control. The combination results in a combination of health and comfort, a center of gravity that can be changed in one direction or another by using different driving modes. The A4 Avant 40 TFSI quattro is a functional car, but not the modest traction problems are eliminated by the all-wheel drive. And the fact that it remains remarkably quiet in the glazed interior underlines its qualities as a long-distance car.

From the arsenal of driving assistants, we would like to recommend glare-free and bright matrix LED lights, which – together with powerful lighting, among other things – cost 1590 euros, but it is worth the money.

It’s fine to drive: the A4 Avant also cuts good figures on the road.

What he uses:

8.1 to 7.5 liters per 100 km, says the WLTP standard. That is true. On average we used 8.1 liters; on our reserve cycle the value was reduced to 6.1 litres. But when driving at high speed on the highway it reaches two figures – we wrote 10.1 liters in the logbook. By the way, the quattro has a tank with an increased capacity of 58 liters.

What it offers:

The basic equipment is simply called “A4”. We clicked through the price list, but we didn’t find much to list as usual: a simple display of driver information along with a 10.1-inch touchscreen, for example, a Bluetooth interface, automatic climate control, cruise control. , traffic sign recognition, driving profile selection, Parking assistance or lane departure warning.

The top sports model “S line” offers significantly more. And yet even here you still have to pay a lot extra. A few examples: 3-zone comfort automatic climate control 695 euros, acoustic glazing for door windows 150 euros, “plus” version of Virtual Cockpit 600 euros, head-up display 980 euros, MMI navigation with navigation system 2255 euro, seat heating euro 380 , adaptive damper euro 690, support package “Tour” (with adaptive cruise control, traffic queue assistant, turning and high beam assistant) euro 1095, reversing camera 450 euro, opening of electricity / closing the lid of the cargo compartment 490 euros, stomach. LED lights 1590 euros.

Not a bargain: The Audi A4 Avant belongs to the premium segment and is priced accordingly.

How much does it cost:

From 53,900 euros. Our well-equipped test car in S-line equipment (56,050 euros) came to – gasp – a cool 73,000 euros. You can save money by using all-wheel drive. If you don’t need the quattro technology, you pay around 4,000 euros less.

What we mean:

The fact that the Audi A4 has been running for several years is not a loss. On the contrary: it means that it is mature and stop the digital overkill that is often encountered today. The infotainment is still modern, as is the technology. The driving characteristics of the 265 hp A4 45 TFSI in particular are very confident and pleasant. But oh, the price: Audi can pay extra for many things that are standard elsewhere, and they are not very cheap. This means that acquisition costs come down to levels that you should be able to afford in the first place.

Ulla Ellmer

Data sheet Audi A4 Avant 45 TFSI quattro

run Petrol engine, 7-speed dual clutch transmission (S tronic), all-wheel drive

to move CC 1984

cylinder 4

Performance 195 kW/265 HP at 5250 – 6500 rpm

Maximum Torque 370 Nm at 1600 – 4500 rpm

High speed 250 km/h (less)

speed up 0 – 100 km/h 5.7 sec

fat Petrol

Common use of WLTP 8.1 – 7.5 l/100 km

Use of the test 8.1 l/100 km

CO2 emissions 183 – 170 g/km

The level of environmental pollution 6 euros e

Energy efficiency class F

Long time 4,76 m

Width 1.85 m without, 2.02 m with external mirrors

Height 1.42 m

Sitting down 5

cargo area 495 – 1495 l

Oil tank 58 l

Lose weight 1685 kg

maximum weight allowed 2195 kg

burden of payment 510 kg

The ability to pull 1700 kg (brakes 12%), 750 kg (without brakes)

Dachlast 90 kg

support the load 80 kg

wheel size 225/50 R 17 (base model)

Insurance type classes 16 (KH), 24 (TK), 24 (VK)

Price from 53,900 euros