In the US, it has become difficult to insure a Kia or Hyundai because of the viral video

In the US, it has become difficult to insure a Kia or Hyundai because of the viral video

It is very easy to steal Kia and Hyundai brand models, the video proves it. Since its publication, flights have exploded across the Atlantic Ocean.

In the United States, insurance companies refuse drivers to insure their cars Kia Where Hyundai due to the many thefts of these vehicles. For example, in Saint-Louis. Kia and Hyundai flights jumped 1450% last year, rising from 273 to 3958 according to the US media. Some companies agree to insure these Korean cars, as long as the premium is higher.

A USB cable and a screwdriver are enough

If the flights of Korean models have exploded, it’s because of a video recorded by a group called “Kia Boyz”. This group of teenagers found an easy way to steal models of two Korean brands, and made a video of the explanation so that anyone can steal any model. The procedure to follow is so simple that it is possible to start the engine of any car with a Kia or Hyundai badge with just a screwdriver and a USB cable.

Owners are asked to be vigilant

American Kia and Hyundai drivers are being warned and should take immediate precautions to ensure that thieves cannot get hold of their vehicle. A more drastic solution is to attach an anti-theft stick to your car’s steering wheel.

If the cars in question can be easily stolen, it is because they do not have soundproofing equipment. So Kia and Hyundai could call them back to make the necessary corrections and prevent anyone with malicious intent from stealing one of their models without handing over the key. Finally, and according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, three insurance groups sent a joint letter to YouTube asking that explanatory videos posted on the platform be removed in an attempt to prevent this.