Injury Luca Bauer: fracture of the humeral head / ice speedway GP

Injury Luca Bauer: fracture of the humeral head / ice speedway GP

Luca Bauer withdrew from the final of the Ice Speedway World Championship 2024 in Heerenveen last weekend. Since Wednesday he has been open about his injury.

“When I went to the doctor and had an X-ray taken in Inzell after falling during training on Friday, nothing was found. Later I went to an orthopedic doctor, who did not examine me for a fracture, but only for ligaments and tendons. It was only during the MRI on Wednesday this is where the crack in the humerus bone was discovered at the very top. The actual technical term is the beginning of the humerus head at the base of the rotator cuff,” Luca Bauer began his remarks in an interview with

Taking part in the Ice Speedway World Championship final next weekend in Heerenveen, Netherlands would be ridiculous however given his limited options at the moment. But now the arm was finally treated and he was unable to walk on crutches for the next three weeks.

“Moving normally is better now, but the problem is that if I have a little weight on my hand, I can no longer move my hand up. The decision was already made anyway that I could tear something. It’s not worth it for me to go along injured. If there’s a crack there , that doesn’t make it any better,” he explained his rejection of Heerenveen in more detail before the actual result.

Despite the emotional defeat of missing his home run, Luca Bauer is already looking forward to another one. However, he previously thought: “Actually the whole thing is very annoying. I was looking forward to Inzell especially for a long time because I had got the seed and I didn’t need to qualify. That would be my highlight of the whole season. Inzell is my absolute favorite rink because it’s ice. very good. But that’s how it is now. You have to be happy it’s not worse. I’ll take the positive with me, that I definitely had a good pace and that we’ll do it again next winter.”

The 25-year-old player from Reit im Winkl noted that he has not had any serious injuries in his ice racing career and that the sport is very dangerous. So he has already overcome this obstacle to some extent and wants to resume motorcycle training as soon as possible.

He explained: “I’ll let it cool down in peace for now because I’m not under any time pressure.” I want to ride motocross again because I think it’s the best training for ice speed. I also go running and do things for fitness and fitness in general, but when you ride a motorcycle you train the muscles you need when you are on the ice road. This is not bad for the eye and for the reaction. Besides, it’s more fun.”