[INTERVIEW] Audi board member is confident about what 2023 can offer automaker

[INTERVIEW] Audi board member is confident about what 2023 can offer automaker

[INTERVIEW] Audi Board Member Confident About What 2023 Can Offer Automaker

Audi’s Board of Management Member, Dr. Markus Duesmann, is confident that the German automaker will reach new heights in 2023. In a recent interview with reporters, Duesmann highlighted the company’s future plans and expectations for the upcoming years.

“We are looking forward to 2023 as a year of significant growth for Audi,” Duesmann began. “We are confident that the combination of our strong portfolio of vehicles and our innovative technologies will enable us to achieve our goals.”

The board member explained that Audi’s strategy is to streamline its product lineup, introducing fewer models with higher levels of performance and amenities. The company is also committed to developing more efficient engines, as well as utilizing sustainable materials in production.

“We are continuing to invest heavily in new technologies such as electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and digital services,” Duesmann continued. “Our goal is to make our vehicles more intelligent and capable of providing increasingly personalized experiences for our customers.”

Audi’s Board of Management Member believes that the company’s commitment to creating more efficient, safe, and enjoyable vehicles will pay off in 2023. With a focus on reducing emissions, improving safety features, and delivering more personalized experiences, Audi is poised to make a big impact.

“We are confident that our investments in technology, engineering, and design will make Audi one of the most sought-after brands in the automotive industry,” Duesmann concluded. “We believe that 2023 will be a defining year for our company, and that our customers will benefit from the progress we have made.”