Is Oscar Piastri Better Than Daniel Ricciardo? The 3 Things That Might Show Why

Is Oscar Piastri Better Than Daniel Ricciardo? The 3 Things That Might Show Why

The recent arrival of Formula One’s (F1) new prodigy, Oscar Piastri, has prompted speculation as to whether the 20-year-old sensation can match the performance of the sport’s senior statesman, Daniel Ricciardo. Here, we analyze the three key factors which could potentially demonstrate Piastri’s superiority over Ricciardo.

Firstly, Piastri’s impressive ability to read a race could give him an edge over his more experienced teammate. The Australian has an instinctive understanding of how and when to make the right move on track, as demonstrated in his outstanding performance at last season’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. By contrast, Ricciardo’s racecraft has been criticized for his tendency to rely on the power of his car rather than his own intuition and judgment.

Secondly, Piastri’s superior technical skills could prove decisive in the long run. The young Australian has a knack of getting the most out of his car, making subtle adjustments to the settings to improve its handling. This was evident when Piastri won the Formula 2 Championship last year, using a car that was generally considered to be inferior to his rivals’. Ricciardo, on the other hand, has been accused of not understanding the finer points of car setup, meaning he is less likely to get the most out of his machinery.

Finally, Ricciardo is known for his poor qualifying record, while Piastri is regarded as one of the best qualifiers on the grid. Ricciardo’s poor qualifying performances are often attributed to a lack of confidence, while Piastri has consistently been able to put his car on pole position, even in challenging conditions. This could give Piastri the edge in races, as he will be able to get a better start and maintain his position more easily.

In conclusion, while it remains to be seen whether Piastri can match Ricciardo’s success in F1, these three factors suggest that the young prodigy could prove to be a superior driver. His superior racecraft, technical acumen and superior qualifying performance could all prove key in determining whether Piastri can eclipse Ricciardo as the sport’s premier driver.