Is the Mercedes-Benz EQE a better electric taxi than Tesla?

Is the Mercedes-Benz EQE a better electric taxi than Tesla?

The Mercedes-Benz EQE travels to part E on the EQS stream with the same electronic technology. Does it get a good drag from the electric flag and is it an EQS lamp?

The Mercedes-Benz EQE is the next step in the electronics EQ offensive. The brand uses a common attack strategy. They start with the top model and allow the technology to drop to lower levels. Last year, the EQS was seen as a whisper similar to the S-Class. It is located on the new EVA platform and EQE this also depends on the construction of the module. Compared to EQS like E-Class and S-Class.

It is unbalanced

The highly improved Mercedes-Benz EQE body has small overhangs and a short butt. Sounds like dirty he moved back a little. Not the company’s most horizontal lines, but a car with plenty of foot space. The wheel measures 3.12 meters, which means that the distance between the wheels is 9 centimeters below the EQS. From bumper to bumper, the difference is 26 centimeters. But the distance between the axles is 18 centimeters higher than that of the standard E class. While the total EQE height at 4.95 meters is only 2 centimeters higher.

Consistent charging curve

The Mercedes-Benz EQE hospitality wheel is used for a battery pack. That has a usable capacity of 90.6 kWh, which is a ‘small’ EQS battery. At the charging station, it is not a perfect star, but it should get a mark with a gradual slowing down. For example, it draws 11 kW as standard on AC poles and 22 kW as an option. In the fast charging station, it reaches 170 kW. He is not based. We now know from EQS that battery pack temperature management is good. As a result, cells are placed within the ideal data range of 20 to 23 degrees Celsius in most climatic conditions with frequent charging cycles. From 10% to 80% payment status should be done for 32 minutes.

AMG shares

The Mercedes-Benz EQE delivery program starts at 76,825 euros with a 350+ rear wheel drive. Its rear-mounted engine produces 292 hp and 530 Nm. The inclusion mark in the selection indicates the version with the largest column, which according to the WLTP frequency is between 545 and 660 km. If more performance is required, then the necessary action must be taken on price. At this time, he will only be accompanied by the AMG four-wheel drive EQE 43 and 476 hp and 858 Nm. Then there are 107,680 euros in the invoice. The distances are between 462 and 533 kilometers. Later this year there will be an upgrade of the 500 and 408 hp version with the AMG implementer and 687 hp and 1000 Nm.

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