It’s a very good game says Stephen Ford

It’s a very good game says Stephen Ford

Actor and voice actor Stephen Ford says Starfield is a very good game.

With a series of games such as The Elder Scroll or Fallout, Bethesda Games Studios has created a huge and exciting world that is full of life, details and many hours of play.

But the games were not always wrong, which could be because of the difficulty, size and engine.

Can Starfield get an error launch as well? Either way, anxiety is there and it was a topic on Twitter.

The user wrote to actor Stephen Ford that the rumors surrounding Starfield were huge and that he could not wait until there were video collection games showing all the mistakes. After all, it is a Bethesda game.

Stephen Ford, who is said to have a voice role at Starfield, responded with concern by saying “nee, the game is very good”.

We will only know on November 11, 2022 if Starfield will be very good and will reduce the problem at launch, when the drama will be released on consoles for Xbox as well as beginners. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play Starfield when it is launched at no additional cost.

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